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Naturally occurring neuron death in the ganglion cell layer of the neonatal rat: morphology and evidence for regional correspondence with neuron death in superior colliculus.
Abstract Light and electron microscopic examination of the inner layers of the normal infant rat retina reveal naturally degenerating cell bodies in the ganglion cell layer, degenerating axons in theExpand
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Naturally occurring neuron death in the optic layers of superior colliculus of the postnatal rat
SummaryApplication of light and electron microscopic techniques to the superior colliculus of the normal rat shows that a number of neurons die within the first week after birth. Cells in theExpand
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Optic afferents, neuron maturation, and neuron survival in the rat superior colliculus.
Removal of the eyes from newborn rats causes the neurons in the superior colliculus (SC) to degenerate in a morphologically less mature form than that which is found when the cells die naturally. TheExpand
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