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Male attractiveness and differential testosterone investment in zebra finch eggs.
Good-genes hypotheses of sexual selection predict that offspring fathered by preferred males should have increased viability resulting from superior genetic quality. Several studies of birds haveExpand
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Chapter 7 Hormones in Avian Eggs: Physiology, Ecology and Behavior
Publisher Summary This chapter discusses the physiology, ecology, and behavior of hormones in avian eggs. The main source of hormones found in avian eggs is the maturing follicles of the female ovaryExpand
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Nestling immunocompetence and testosterone covary with brood size in a songbird
The social and ecological conditions that individuals experience during early development have marked effects on their developmental trajectory. In songbirds, brood size is a key environmental factorExpand
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Early condition, song learning, and the volume of song brain nuclei in the zebra finch (Taeniopygia guttata).
Songbirds are an important model system for the study of the neurological bases of song learning, but variation in song learning accuracy and adult song complexity remains poorly understood. CurrentExpand
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Negative effects of elevated testosterone on female fecundity in zebra finches
Although factors influencing androgen deposition in the avian egg and its effects on nestling fitness are recently receiving considerable attention, little is known about the potential costs of highExpand
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Correlated evolution of male and female testosterone profiles in birds and its consequences
Circulating levels of testosterone in adults have mainly evolved as a consequence of selection on males for increased levels, while levels of circulating testosterone in females may be an indirectExpand
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Female canaries produce eggs with greater amounts of testosterone when exposed to preferred male song
Male birdsong has a great influence in the stimulation of female reproduction. However, female physiological responsiveness to song may depend on the degree of complexity of male song. This isExpand
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Elevated yolk androgen levels benefit offspring development in a between-clutch context
The field of androgen deposition in avian eggs and its consequences for offspring development has received a lot of attention in recent research. However, although variation within clutches in yolkExpand
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Yolk androgens in the barn swallow (Hirundo rustica): a test of some adaptive hypotheses
Maternal effects such as androgen in avian eggs can mediate evolutionary responses to selection, allowing manipulation of offspring phenotype and promoting trans‐generational adaptive effects. WeExpand
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Evolution of Yolk Androgens in Birds: Development, Coloniality, and Sexual Dichromatism
Current theory recognizes the adaptive value of maternal effects in shaping offspring phenotypes in response to selective pressures and vindicates the value of these traits in fostering adaptationExpand
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