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Diagnosis and syntaxonomic interpretation of Annex I Habitats (Dir. 92/43/ EEC) in Italy at the alliance level
Starting from the recently produced Italian Habitats interpretation Manual (http://vnr.unipg.it/habitat), a thorough diagnosis of the Annex I Habitats recorded in the Italian territory is reported,
European Red List of Habitats : Part 2. Terrestrial and freshwater habitats
The first ever European Red List of Habitats reviews the current status of all natural and semi-natural terrestrial, freshwater and marine habitats and highlights the pressures they face. Using a
Wetland vegetation of the class Phragmito-Magno-Caricetea in centralItaly
A survey and a formalized phytosociological classification of the marsh vegetation of the class Phragmito-Magno-Caricetea in central Italy is presented. Formal definitions of the majority of wetland
A review of in vitro methods to assess the biological activity of tobacco smoke with the aim of reducing the toxicity of smoke.
Short-term in vitro assays are useful tools to evaluate both the biological activity and the progress towards a reduction of tobacco smoke toxicity, and early biological effect markers, such as mutational or clastogenic events, should be studied in a tiered approach following the guidelines of regulatory agencies.
The endophytic fungal communities associated with the leaves and roots of the common reed (Phragmites australis) in Lake Trasimeno (Perugia, Italy) in declining and healthy stands
It is shown that reed plants in different states of decline harbour different endophytic communities, which may help to understand the very complex scenario of reed die-back.
Red Listing plants under full national responsibility: Extinction risk and threats in the vascular flora endemic to Italy
Abstract Taxa endemic to a country are key elements for setting national conservation priorities and for driving conservation strategies, since their persistence is entirely dependent on national
Morphological and histo-anatomical traits reflect die-back in Phragmites australis (Cav.) Steud.
The decline of Phragmites australis (Cav.) Steud., a well-known phenomenon in Central and Western Europe, was detected recently also in the Mediterranean Basin. A range of parameters were quantified
Are Red Lists really useful for plant conservation? The New Red List of the Italian Flora in the perspective of national conservation policies
“The New Red List of the Italian Flora” includes all the Italian policy species and other species of known conservation concerns for a total of 400 taxa, 65% of which are threatened with extinction.
An application of the Cocktail method for the classification of the hydrophytic vegetation at Lake Trasimeno (Central Italy).
Aim of this paper is to apply the Cocktail method, using formal definitions, to a vegetation data set from Lake Trasimeno in Central Italy. Lake Trasimeno is the fourth largest lake of Italy and a
Contribution to the syntaxonomic knowledge of the Quercus ilex L. woods of the Central European Mediterranean Basin
We present here a contribution towards a new syntaxonomic definition of the holm oak woods present in the Central European Medi terranean Basin, within which the territories of the Italian peninsula