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The Magnitude of Global Marine Species Diversity
Keys to the Trematoda
This volume covers five superfamilies within the Order Plagiorchiida and the family Didymozoidae, with keys for their identification at the family, subfamily and generic levels.
Digenean species diversity in teleost fish from a nature reserve off Corsica, France (Western Mediterranean), and a comparison with other Mediterranean regions
A more detailed analysis of the diversity of these parasites in sparid fishes indicates that the digenean diversity off Corsica is far greater than that in other parts of the Mediterranean.
Dactylogyridean monogeneans of the siluriform fishes of the Old World
It is proposed that the Ancylodiscoidinae be raised to family status within the order Dactylogyridea to accommodate these 17 `ancyrocephalid' genera from siluriforms, together with Malayanodiscoides and Notopterodiscoide from notopterids.
study and reorganization of Plagioporus Stafford, 1904 (Digenea: Opecoelidae) and related genera, with special reference to forms from European Atlantic waters
Opecoelidae is restricted to freshwater forms, and Lebouria is considered a synonym of Peracreadium, following the transfer of L. idonea Nicoll, 1909, to the latter genus as P. id onea comb.
A survey of the helminth parasites of cetaceans stranded on the coast of England and Wales during the period 1990-1994
The helminth parasites from more than 300 cetaceans stranded on the coast of England and Wales during the period 1990-1994 were identified, this being the largest organized survey of cetacean
Genetic and Morphological Approaches Distinguish the Three Sibling Species of the Anisakis simplex Species Complex, with a Species Designation as Anisakis berlandi n. sp. for A. simplex sp. C
The morphological and morphometric analyses revealed the presence of morphological features that differed among the 3 biological species, and the tree topologies support the finding that A. simplex (s.s.), A. pegreffii, and A. berlandi n.
A catalogue of the nominal species of the monogenean genus Dactylogyrus Diesing, 1850 and their host genera
This work surveys the nominal species and catalogues them and their hosts (to the generic level) in the form of a species list which is cross-referenced to host-parasite list.
Isthmiophora Lühe, 1909 and Euparyphium Dietz, 1909 (Digenea: Echinostomatidae) re-defined, with comments on their nominal species
The validity of Isthmiophora Lühe, 1909 in relation to Euparyphium Dietz, 1909 is discussed and confirmed, and diagnoses are given for both genera along with lists of their presently-accepted constituent species which are commented upon where necessary.