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Laser Interferometer Space Antenna
Following the selection of The Gravitational Universe by ESA, and the successful flight of LISA Pathfinder, the LISA Consortium now proposes a 4 year mission in response to ESA's call for missionsExpand
Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America
We show that high-rate Global Positioning System (GPS) can have a vital role to play in near-real-time monitoring of potentially destructive earthquakes. We do this by investigating the potential ofExpand
Inferring upper-mantle temperatures from seismic velocities
Abstract Constraints on mantle temperatures are fundamental for a better understanding of the dynamics of the Earth. We evaluate how well upper-mantle thermal structure can be inferred from seismicExpand
Earthquakes Induced By the Stimulation of an Enhanced Geothermal System Below Basel (Switzerland)
To stimulate the reservoir for a “hot dry rock” geothermal project initiated by a private/public consortium in the city of Basel, Switzerland, approximately 11,500 m3 of water were injected at highExpand
Stress field variations in the Swiss Alps and the northern Alpine foreland derived from inversion of fault plane solutions
[1] This study is devoted to a systematic analysis of the state of stress of the central European Alps and northern Alpine foreland in Switzerland based on focal mechanisms of 138 earthquakes withExpand
A recent tectonic reorganization in the south-central Mediterranean
Abstract New geodetic data combined with seismicity, geologic and geochemical information document a major tectonic reorganization in the central Mediterranean around 0.8–0.5 Ma, when rapid trenchExpand
Tomographic constraints on the geodynamic evolution of the Italian region
In this paper we present P wave tomographic images of the mantle beneath Italy obtained by inverting ∼6000 teleseismic P and PKP wave arrival times, accurately repicked, recorded in the time periodExpand
The 2013 European Seismic Hazard Model: key components and results
The 2013 European Seismic Hazard Model (ESHM13) results from a community-based probabilistic seismic hazard assessment supported by the EU-FP7 project “Seismic Hazard Harmonization in Europe” (SHARE,Expand
Geothermal quake risks must be faced
Discussion needs to be open about how exploitation of Earth's internal heat can produce earthquakes, says Domenico Giardini, so that the alternative-energy technology can be properly utilized.
The GSHAP Global Seismic Hazard Map
Minimization of the loss of life, property damage, and social and economic disruption due to earthquakes depends on reliable estimates of seismic hazard. National, state, and local governments,Expand