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Antioxidant, antityrosinase and antibiofilm activities of synthesized peptides derived from Vicia faba protein hydrolysate: A powerful agents in cosmetic application
Abstract The aim of this study was to identify peptides with antioxidant, antityrosinase and antibiofilm activities released from Vicia faba seed proteins hydrolysate. The hydrolysis pattern wasExpand
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Antifungal mechanism of the combination of Cinnamomum verum and Pelargonium graveolens essential oils with fluconazole against pathogenic Candida strains
The present study aimed to investigate the anti-Candida activity of ten essential oils (EOs) and to evaluate their potential synergism with conventional drugs. The effect on secreted asparticExpand
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Antioxidative and DNA Protective Effects of Bacillomycin D-Like Lipopeptides Produced by B38 Strain
In the present study, we evaluated the antioxidant and the scavenging ability of C14, C15 and C16 bacillomycin D-like lipopeptides produced by B38 strain. They all displayed strong reducing powerExpand
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Enhancement of Exochitinase Production by Bacillus licheniformis AT6 Strain and Improvement of N-Acetylglucosamine Production
A strain producing chitinase, isolated from potato stem tissue, was identified as Bacillus licheniformis by biochemical properties and 16S RNA sequence analysis. Statistical experimental designs wereExpand
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Isolation of a Chitinolytic Bacillus licheniformis S213 Strain Exerting a Biological Control Against Phoma medicaginis Infection
Among nine chitinase-producing strains isolated from Tunisian soil, one isolate called S213 exhibited a potent chitinolytic activity. S213 strain was identified as Bacillus licheniformis by API 50CHExpand
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Utilization of Grape Seed Flour for Antimicrobial Lipopeptide Production by Bacillus amyloliquefaciens C5 Strain
An endophytic Bacillus amyloliquefaciens strain called C5, able to produce biosurfactant lipopeptides with a broad antibacterial activity spectrum, has been isolated from the roots of olive tree.Expand
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Combined effect of Thymus capitatus and Cinnamomum verum essential oils with conventional drugs against Candida albicans biofilm formation and elucidation of the molecular mechanism of action
Abstract Biofilm formation by the pathogenic strain Candida albicans (C. albicans) is a crucial virulence factor on biotic and abiotic surfaces especially in medical devices. The present studyExpand
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The use of cyclohexane as new solvent for airborne pollen sampling
Almost all the aerobiological networks used the non-volatile silicone fluid as a capture medium adhesive on the Melinex tape of Hirst-type volumetric samplers. This adhesive was prepared with carbonExpand
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This work focuses on the formulation of an oral emulsion for the vectorization of active substances contained in the leaf extract of A. halimus. In order to optimize the formulation parameters of theExpand