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Structural Basis for the Activation of Innate Immune Pattern-Recognition Receptor RIG-I by Viral RNA
RIG-I is a key innate immune pattern-recognition receptor that triggers interferon expression upon detection of intracellular 5'triphosphate double-stranded RNA (5'ppp-dsRNA) of viral origin. RIG-IExpand
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Use of MTT colorimetric assay to measure cell activation.
The MTT tetrazolium salt colorimetric assay previously described by Mosmann (1983, J. Immunol. Methods 65, 55) to measure cytotoxicity and cell proliferation was further explored to extend itsExpand
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Human membrane cofactor protein (CD46) acts as a cellular receptor for measles virus.
A monoclonal antibody (MCI20.6) which inhibited measles virus (MV) binding to host cells was previously used to characterize a 57- to 67-kDa cell surface glycoprotein as a potential MV receptor. InExpand
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Cytosolic 5′-Triphosphate Ended Viral Leader Transcript of Measles Virus as Activator of the RIG I-Mediated Interferon Response
Background Double stranded RNA (dsRNA) is widely accepted as an RNA motif recognized as a danger signal by the cellular sentries. However, the biology of non-segmented negative strand RNA viruses, orExpand
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Virus Entry, Assembly, Budding, and Membrane Rafts
SUMMARY As intracellular parasites, viruses rely heavily on the use of numerous cellular machineries for completion of their replication cycle. The recent discovery of the heterogeneous distributionExpand
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A physical and functional link between cholesterol and tetraspanins
By interacting with each others, the tetraspanins are thought to assemble a network of molecular interactions, the tetraspanin web. These tetraspanin/tetraspanin interactions involve in part theExpand
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Structural Analysis of dsRNA Binding to Anti-viral Pattern Recognition Receptors LGP2 and MDA5
Summary RIG-I and MDA5 sense virus-derived short 5′ppp blunt-ended or long dsRNA, respectively, causing interferon production. Non-signaling LGP2 appears to positively and negatively regulate MDA5Expand
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CD40 signaling in human dendritic cells is initiated within membrane rafts
Despite CD40's role in stimulating dendritic cells (DCs) for efficient specific T‐cell stimulation, its signal transduction components in DCs are still poorly documented. We show that CD40 receptorsExpand
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Mapping of the Primary Binding Site of Measles Virus to Its Receptor CD46*
The measles virus (MV) hemagglutinin binds to the complement control protein (CCP) CD46 primarily through the two external modules, CCP-I and -II. To define the residues involved in binding, 40 aminoExpand
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Dynamics of Viral RNA Synthesis during Measles Virus Infection
ABSTRACT We propose a reference model of the kinetics of a viral RNA-dependent RNA polymerase (vRdRp) activities and its regulation during infection of eucaryotic cells. After measles virus infects aExpand
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