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Generative communication in Linda
This work is particularly concerned with implementation of the dynamic global name space that the generative communication model requires, and its implications for systems programming in distributed settings generally and on integrated network computers in particular. Expand
Linda in context
How can a system that differs sharply from all currently fashionable approaches score any kind of success? Here's how.
Linda and Friends
Linda consists of a few simple operators designed to support and simplify the construction of explicitly-parallel programs, which is to make it largely unnecessary to think about the coupling between parallel processes. Expand
Lifestreams: a storage model for personal data
This paper introduces a new metaphor, Lifestreams, for dynamically organizing a user's personal workspace, which uses a simple organizational metaphor, a time-ordered stream of documents, as an underlying storage system. Expand
How to write parallel programs: a guide to the perplexed
A framework for parallel programming is presented, based on three conceptual classes for understanding parallelism and three programming paradigms for implementing parallel programs, which are useful on many kinds of parallel machine, and each can be expressed in several different parallel programming languages. Expand
Mirror worlds - or the day software puts the universe in a shoebox: how it will happen and what it will mean
Technology doesn't flow smoothly; it's the big surprises that matter, and Yale computer expert David Gelernter sees one such giant leap right on the horizon. Today's small scale software programs areExpand
Traffic Engineering with Forward Fault Correction
Network faults such as link failures and high switch configuration delays can cause heavy congestion and packet loss. Because it takes time for the traffic engineering systems to detect and react toExpand
How to write parallel programs - a first course
This straightforward tutorial explains why parallelism is a powerful and proven way to run programs fast and provides the instruction that will transform ordinary programmers into parallel programmers. Expand
Multiple Tuple Spaces in Linda
If the authors allow tuple spaces to be included among the fields of ordinary tuples, the Linda tuple-manipulation operators will allow us to operate not only on single data objects but on whole computations. Expand