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Is Sen's Capability Approach an Adequate Basis for Considering Human Development?
Sen's capability approach (SCA) has supported valuable work on Human Development (HD). It has brought attention to a much wider range of information on people's freedoms and well-being than in mostExpand
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What is the capability approach?: Its core, rationale, partners and dangers
Abstract The paper specifies the core elements of Amartya Sen's capability approach to socio-economic valuation. It analyzes recent formulations by some of Sen's close associates, in addition to hisExpand
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Evaluating the "logical framework approach": towards learning-oriented development evaluation
The logical framework approach has spread enormously, including increasingly to stages of review and evaluation. Expand
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Understanding the diversity of conceptions of well-being and quality of life
The concepts of well-being and quality of life concern evaluative judgements. There is insufficient understanding in current literature that these judgements are made variously due to the use of notExpand
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Human well-being: concepts and conceptualizations
What should those who measure well-being try to measure? To address this question one must consider the nature of well-being, and the various purposes of the exercise of conceptualizing andExpand
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Securing Humanity: Situating ‘Human Security’ as Concept and Discourse
  • D. Gasper
  • Sociology, Political Science
  • 1 July 2005
The label ‘human security’ has attracted much attention since the 1994 Human Development Report, but there are numerous conflicting definitions and agendas, and widespread scepticism. The Ogata–SenExpand
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textabstractDiscourses on culture and development vary according to their conceptions of culture and of development and according to their standpoint. The ‘culture and development’ problematic hasExpand
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Subjective and Objective Well-Being in Relation to Economic Inputs: Puzzles and Responses
Systematic, large discrepancies exist between direct measures of well-being and the measures that economists largely concentrate on, notably income. The paper assesses and rejects claims that incomeExpand
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The Ethics of Development: From Economism to Human Development
Preface 1. What is the Ethics of Development? 1.1. Why Development Ethics? Cases and Questions Extreme poverty amidst immense riches Health and sickness, needs and profits Towards a 'calculus ofExpand
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Sen's capability approach and Nussbaum's capabilities ethic
The paper assesses Sen's more abstract version of capabilities theory, Nussbaum's more substantive Aristotelian version and attempts to apply such conceptions to women's lives. Sen's capabilityExpand
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