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Process identification using neural networks
A backpropagation neural network can learn a functional mapping between input and output based on a set of training examples. Expand
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Expert Systems in Process Control and Optimization A Perspective
This paper attempts to point out some of the strengths and weaknesses of expert system technologies with some emphasis on what we recognize as the potential and the problems associated with the use of these systems in real-time, process control applications. Expand
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Numerical Relativity as a Tool for Studying the Early Universe
Numerical simulations are becoming a more effective tool for conducting detailed investigations into the evolution of our universe. In this paper, we show how the framework of numerical relativityExpand
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The Role of Emerging Technologies in Real-Time Manufacturing Computer Systems†
This report contains a number of important conclusions concerning the role of emerging technologies in real time manufacturing computer systems. It is divided into three sections. The first sectionExpand
Numerical Cosmology: Building a Dynamical Universe
In this talk I discuss an often over‐looked aspect of most cosmological models, dynamical interactions caused by gravitational waves. I begin by reviewing our current state of cosmological knowledgeExpand
Numerical analysis of simplified relic-birefringent gravitational waves
Some theories suggest that gravitational waves created in the early universe may be observable with future gravitational wave interferometers. As a result, identifying the characteristics of theseExpand
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Gauge Field Turbulence as a Cause of Inflation in Chern-Simons Modified Gravity
In this paper, we study the dynamics of the Chern-Simons Inflation Model proposed by Alexander, Marciano and Spergel. According to this model, inflation begins when a fermion current interacts with aExpand