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Pyrrolizidine alkaloid plants, metabolism and toxicity.
Current information on the diagnosis, pathogenesis, and molecular mechanisms of PA toxicity is reviewed with an emphasis on the development of better diagnostics, pyrrole kinetics, and the effects of low dose PA exposure.
Host plant utilization and iridoid glycoside sequestration byEuphydryas anicia (Lepidoptera: Nymphalidae)
Large year-to-year and individual variation in butterfly iridoid content was established as was a female-male difference in macfadienoside vs. catalpol content.
Asexual endophytes and associated alkaloids alter arthropod community structure and increase herbivore abundances on a native grass.
Surprisingly, it was found that endophyte-produced alkaloids were associated with increased herbivore abundances and species richness, and high alkaloid levels in native grasses may not protect host grasses from arthropod herbivores, and may instead more negatively affect natural enemies of Herbivores.
Identification of swainsonine as a glycoside inhibitor responsible for Sida carpinifolia poisoning.
The clinical and pathological features of this lysosomal storage disease were similar to those observed in Swainsona, Oxytropis, Astragalus, and Ipomoea poisonings with multiple cytoplasm vacuoles in neurons, acinar pancreatic cells, hepatocytes, and renal tubular cells.
Dose Response of Sheep Poisoned with Locoweed (Oxytropis Sericea)
Both the clinical and histologic lesions, especially cerebellar lesions are suggestive of neurologic dysfunction even at low daily swainsonine doses of 0.2 mg/kg, suggesting that prolonged locoweed exposure,Even at low doses, results in significant production losses as well as histologic and functional damage.
Study of Biochemical Pathways and Enzymes Involved in Pyrene Degradation by Mycobacterium sp. Strain KMS
ABSTRACT Pyrene degradation is known in bacteria. In this study, Mycobacterium sp. strain KMS was used to study the metabolites produced during, and enzymes involved in, pyrene degradation. Several