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Sentiment During Recessions
This paper studies the effect of sentiment on asset prices during the 20th century (1905 to 2005). As a proxy for sentiment, we use the fraction of positive and negative words in two columns ofExpand
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Geographic Dispersion and Stock Returns
This paper shows that stocks of truly local firms have returns that exceed the return on stocks of geographically dispersed firms by 70 basis points per month. By extracting state name counts fromExpand
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Decomposition and dipteran succession in pig carrion in central Argentina: ecological aspects and their importance in forensic science
Data on the insect species associated with corpse decomposition are particularly important for estimation of the post‐mortem interval (PMI) in forensic science because the PMI is based on theExpand
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Migration of Cenozoic deformation in the Eastern Cordillera of Colombia interpreted from fission track results and structural relationships: Implications for petroleum systems
Previously unreleased fission-track results and regional structural relationships are used to interpret the migration of deformation during Cenozoic orogenesis in the Eastern Cordillera (CordilleraExpand
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Overconfidence and Market Efficiency with Heterogeneous Agents
We study financial markets in which both rational and overconfident agents coexist and make endogenous information acquisition decisions. We demonstrate the following irrelevance result when aExpand
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Relative Wealth Concerns and Complementarities in Information Acquisition
This article studies how relative wealth concerns, in which a person's satisfaction with their own consumption depends on how much others are consuming, affect investors' incentives to acquireExpand
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The Kinks of Financial Journalism
This paper studies the content of financial news as a function of past market returns. As a proxy for media content we use positive and negative word counts from general financial news columns fromExpand
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Biases in Studying the Diet of the Bearded Vulture
Abstract We compared methods of assessing the diet of the bearded vulture (Gypaetus barbatus) during the nestling period in the Pyrenees, northeast Spain. We determined diet from direct observationsExpand
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b ---> s gamma and supersymmetry with large tan Beta
Abstract We discuss the constraints on the supersymmetric parameter space from the decay mode b → sγ for large values of tan β . We improve the theoretical prediction for the decay rate by summingExpand
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Effect of protein relaxation on electron transfer from the cytochrome subunit to the bacteriochlorophyll dimer in Rps. sulfoviridis reaction centers within mixed adiabatic/nonadiabatic model.
The broad set of nonexponential electron transfer (ET) kinetics in reaction centers (RC) from Rhodopseudomonas sulfoviridis in temperature range 297-40 K are described within a mixedExpand
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