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Old Evidence and Logical Omniscience in Bayesian Confirmation Theory
The Bayesian framework is intended, at least in part, as a formalization and systematization of the sorts of reasoning that we all carry on at an intuitive level. Expand
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Data formats and procedures for the Evaluated Nuclear Data File, ENDF
This report describes the philosophy of the Evaluated Nuclear Data File (ENDF) and the data formats and procedures that have been developed for it. The ENDF system was designed for the storage andExpand
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Descartes' Metaphysical Physics
In this first book-length treatment of Descartes' important and influential natural philosophy, Daniel Garber is principally concerned with Descartes' accounts of matter and motion the joint betweenExpand
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Leibniz: Body, Substance, Monad
Introduction 1. First Thoughts 2. Reforming Mechanism: Unity 3. Reforming Mechanism: Body and Force, Matter and Form (I) 4. Reforming Mechanism: Body and Force, Matter and Form (II) 5. CompleteExpand
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Leibniz: Philosophical Essays
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Descartes Embodied: Reading Cartesian Philosophy through Cartesian Science
Introduction Part I. Historiographical Preliminaries: 1. Does history have a future? Some reflections on Bennett and doing philosophy historically Part II. Method, Order and Certainty: 2. DescartesExpand
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Leibniz and the Foundations of Physics: The Middle Years
Leibniz must appear as something of a paradox to the reader of the recent literature on his thought (i.e., that written after the seminal work of Russell and Couturat). The Leibniz who appears in theExpand
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