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How open is innovation
This paper is motivated by a desire to clarify the definition of 'openness' as currently used in the literature on open innovation, and to re-conceptualize the idea for future research on the topic.Expand
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Innovation in project-based, service-enhanced firms: the construction of complex products and systems
This paper explores the management of innovation within firms producing complex products and systems. It is based on a study of how design, engineering and construction firms develop and produceExpand
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The Role of Technology in the Shift Towards Open Innovation: The Case of Procter & Gamble
As with all new ideas, the concept of Open Innovation requires extensive empirical investigation, testing and development. This paper analyzes Procter and Gamble's 'Connect and Develop' strategy as aExpand
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Learning to Adapt: Organisational Adaptation to Climate Change Impacts
Analysis of human adaptation to climate change should be based on realistic models of adaptive behaviour at the level of organisations and individuals. The paper sets out a framework for analysingExpand
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Building Innovation: Complex Constructs in a Changing World
In order to deliver value, maintain competitiveness and remain profitable, construction professionals need to develop their capabilities for managing innovation and technical change. This new bookExpand
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Architectural Leverage: Putting Platforms in Context
We present a systematic review of the platform literature, identifying four distinct streams: organizational platforms, product family platforms, market intermediary platforms, and platform ecosystems. Expand
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The management of technological innovation : strategy and practice
1. What is the Management of Technological Innovation and why is it Important? 2. The Business Context for Innovation 3. Technological Innovation 4. Innovation Strategy 5. Networks, Communities andExpand
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The Oxford Handbook of Innovation Management
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Design Quality Indicator as a tool for thinking
The Design Quality Indicator (DQI) is based on a research project to provide a toolkit for improving the design of buildings. Expand
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Innovation in Megaprojects: Systems Integration at London Heathrow Terminal 5
Megaprojects require investment of $1bn or more to build infrastructure, usually involving a complex system of production consisting of discrete, routine, and highvolume repetitive processes. Expand
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