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Highly-resilient, energy-efficient multipath routing in wireless sensor networks
Previously proposed sensor network data dissemination schemes require periodic low-rate flooding of data in order to allow recovery from failure. We consider constructing two kinds of multipaths toExpand
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A wireless sensor network For structural monitoring
Structural monitoring---the collection and analysis of structural response to ambient or forced excitation--is an important application of networked embedded sensing with significant commercialExpand
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Adaptive Control of Duty Cycling in Energy-Harvesting Wireless Sensor Networks
Increasingly many wireless sensor network deployments are using harvested environmental energy to extend system lifetime. Because the temporal profiles of such energy sources exhibit greatExpand
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Complex Behavior at Scale: An Experimental Study of Low-Power Wireless Sensor Networks
A new class of networked systems is emerging that involve very large numbers of small, low-power, wireless devices. We present findings from a large scale empirical study involving over 150 suchExpand
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SensEye: a multi-tier camera sensor network
This paper argues that a camera sensor network containing heterogeneous elements provides numerous benefits over traditional homogeneous sensor networks. We present the design and implementation ofExpand
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Building efficient wireless sensor networks with low-level naming
In most distributed systems, naming of nodes for low-level communication leverages topological location (such as node addresses) and is independent of any application. In this paper, we investigateExpand
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Enabling Practical Backscatter Communication for On-body Sensors
In this paper, we look at making backscatter practical for ultra-low power on-body sensors by leveraging radios on existing smartphones and wearables (e.g. WiFi and Bluetooth). The difficulty lies inExpand
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CrowdSearch: exploiting crowds for accurate real-time image search on mobile phones
Mobile phones are becoming increasingly sophisticated with a rich set of on-board sensors and ubiquitous wireless connectivity. However, the ability to fully exploit the sensing capabilities onExpand
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Fast app launching for mobile devices using predictive user context
As mobile apps become more closely integrated into our everyday lives, mobile app interactions ought to be rapid and responsive. Unfortunately, even the basic primitive of launching a mobile app isExpand
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Lazy-Adaptive Tree: An Optimized Index Structure for Flash Devices
Flash memories are in ubiquitous use for storage on sensor nodes, mobile devices, and enterprise servers. However, they present significant challenges in designing tree indexes due to theirExpand
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