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Thermincola ferriacetica sp. nov., a new anaerobic, thermophilic, facultatively chemolithoautotrophic bacterium capable of dissimilatory Fe(III) reduction
A moderately thermophilic, sporeforming bacterium able to reduce amorphous Fe(III)-hydroxide was isolated from ferric deposits of a terrestrial hydrothermal spring, Kunashir Island (Kurils), andExpand
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Desulfonatronum cooperativum sp. nov., a novel hydrogenotrophic, alkaliphilic, sulfate-reducing bacterium, from a syntrophic culture growing on acetate.
A novel alkaliphilic, sulfate-reducing bacterium was isolated from a syntrophic acetate-decomposing community enriched from samples of the soda lake Khadin, Tuva, Russia; the isolate was designatedExpand
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Thermanaerovibrio velox sp. nov., a new anaerobic, thermophilic, organotrophic bacterium that reduces elemental sulfur, and emended description of the genus Thermanaerovibrio.
A moderately thermophilic, organotrophic bacterium with vibrioid cells was isolated from a sample of a cyanobacterial mat from caldera Uzon, Kamchatka, Russia, and designated strain Z-9701T. Cells ofExpand
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Alkaliphilus peptidofermentans sp. nov., a new alkaliphilic bacterial soda lake isolate capable of peptide fermentation and Fe(III) reduction
A novel strain, Z-7036, of anaerobic spore-forming bacteria was isolated from a cellulolytic consortium obtained from the bottom sediments of the low-mineralization soda lake Verkhnee BeloeExpand
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Geoalkalibacter ferrihydriticus gen. nov. sp. nov., the first alkaliphilic representative of the family Geobacteraceae, isolated from a soda lake
Investigation of iron reduction in bottom sediments of alkaline soda lakes resulted in the isolation of a new obligately anaerobic iron-reducing bacterium, strain Z-0531, from Lake Khadyn (Tuva,Expand
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Thermovenabulum ferriorganovorum gen. nov., sp. nov., a novel thermophilic, anaerobic, endospore-forming bacterium.
A thermophilic, anaerobic, spore-forming bacterium (strain Z-9801T) was isolated from a terrestrial hydrothermal source in the Uzon caldera on the Kamchatka peninsula. Cells of strain Z-9801T wereExpand
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Methanocalculus natronophilus sp. nov., a new alkaliphilic hydrogenotrophic methanogenic archaeon from a soda lake, and proposal of the new family Methanocalculaceae
A mesophilic hydrogenotrophic methanogenic archaeon, strain Z-7105T, was isolated from the bottom sediments of a collector in the vicinity of a soda lake Tanatar II (Altai, Russia). The cells wereExpand
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“Candidatus Contubernalis alkalaceticum,” an Obligately Syntrophic Alkaliphilic Bacterium Capable of Anaerobic Acetate Oxidation in a Coculture with Desulfonatronum cooperativum
From the silty sediments of the Khadyn soda lake (Tuva), a binary sulfidogenic bacterial association capable of syntrophic acetate oxidation at pH 10.0 was isolated. An obligately syntrophic,Expand
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Fuchsiella alkaliacetigena gen. nov., sp. nov., an alkaliphilic, lithoautotrophic homoacetogen from a soda lake.
The first alkaliphilic obligately anaerobic hydrogenotrophic homoacetogenic bacterium, strain Z-7100(T), was isolated from sediments of the soda-depositing soda lake Tanatar III (Altay, Russia).Expand
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