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Oxygen isotope calibration of the onset of ice-rafting and history of glaciation in the North Atlantic region
We report here that DSDP Site 552A, cored with the hydraulic piston corer on the west flank of Rockall Bank, recovered an undisturbed sequence of alternating white deep-sea carbonate oozes andExpand
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Palaeozoic to Tertiary rift and basin dynamics: mid-Norway to the Bay of Biscay – a new context for hydrocarbon prospectivity in the deep water frontier
Since the advent of North Sea exploration, a variety of new advances have been made in understanding basin dynamics and regional variations in structural style that are well-founded on theExpand
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Morphology, distribution, and development of submarine canyons on the United States Atlantic continental slope between Hudson arid Baltimore Canyons
The distribution and morphology of submarine canyons off the eastern United States between Hudson and Baltimore Canyons have been mapped by long-range sidescan sonar. In this area canyons areExpand
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Rifting and Subsidence of the Northern Continental Margin of the Bay of Biscay
In the northeast Atlantic, DSDP drilling results, combined with intensive geophysical surveys, permit a proposed model of the structural evolution of a starved, passive continental margin.Expand
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Marine geology of the Rockall Plateau and Trough
  • D. G. Roberts
  • Physics
  • Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society…
  • 19 June 1975
The Rockall Plateau is an extensive shallow water area located south of Iceland and west of the British Isles: it is separated from the British Isles by the 3000 m deep Rockall Trough. RockallExpand
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The overflow of Norwegian sea deep water across the wyville-thomson Ridge
Accumulating evidence has pointed to a source of Northeast Atlantic Deep Water in the northern Rockall Trough and prompted a re-examination of geological and hydrographic data. The first showed thatExpand
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Rifting, crustal attenuation and subsidence in the Bay of Biscay
The distribution of the Tertiary and Lower–Upper Cretaceous sediments in part of the northern continental margin of the Bay of Biscay, has been mapped. Three sedimentary sequences are indicated byExpand
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Phanerozoic passive margins, cratonic basins and global tectonic maps
Expert petroleum geologists David Roberts and Albert Bally bring you Regional Geology and Tectonics: Phanerozoic Passive Margins, Cratonic Basins and Global Tectonic Maps, volume three in aExpand
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