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Benthic invertebrate bycatch from a deep‐water trawl fishery, Chatham Rise, New Zealand
There is an urgent need to assess more fully the impact of trawling on seamount biotas and, in consequence, possible conservation measures.
Infaunal benthic communities of the New Zealand continental shelf
Summary Seventeen infaunal benthic communities are recognised from sampling on the New Zealand continental shelf and upper continental slope. These are characterised in terms of geographic
Epibenthic communities on the Chatham Rise, New Zealand
Multivariate analysis based on 85 species indicated three epibenthic communities, the shallowest characterised mainly by crustaceans and two deeper water communities mainly characterised by echinoderms.
Classification of somasteroids and asteroids (Asterozoa: Echinodermata)
Two superorders are here recognised in the Asteroidea, one of which includes those asteroids lacking a brachiolarian larval stage, without suckered tube-feet and with the madreporite not incorporated into the calyx.
Manganese nodule occurrence in the Tasman Sea
Abstract Abundant large, discoidal manganese nodules have been recovered at two sites in the Tasman Sea south‐east of Sydney. The nodules have todorokite as the main manganese oxide phase, high Mn/Fe
Echinoderms from Cape Hallett, ross sea
Summary Fifteen species of echinoderms are recorded from collections made through sea‐ice off Cape Hallett in the Ross Sea; 12 of these are new for this area. Except for one ophiuroid, here described
Occurrence of Pyrosoma on the Sea-Floor 160 Metres Deep
Pyrosoma species are commonly encountered as surface or midwater planktonic organisms. Among photographs taken of the sea-floor of Cook Strait, New Zealand, two exposures show what are undoubtedly