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The potential presence and minimisation of plutonium within the irradiated beryllium in fusion power plants
Abstract Beryllium is expected to be one of the materials used in DEMO-type fusion power plants as blanket neutron multiplier for solid breeders and also in ITER as protective layer of plasma facingExpand
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Characterization of the radiation field and evaluation of the nuclear responses in the ITER cryopump port cell
Abstract The ITER main vacuum system consists of six torus exhaust pumps integrated in the Cryostat through dedicated housings at the building B1 level. The Port Cell area outside the cryopump plugExpand
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Helium-cooled lithium lead: Activation analysis of the test blanket module in ITER
Abstract The helium-cooled lithium lead (HCLL) test blanket module (TBM) is one of the European blanket concepts selected to be tested in ITER. The test is an important step towards the developmentExpand
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Source terms due to the activated corrosion products in primary cooling loops of ITER
Abstract This paper deals with the source terms due to the escape of activated corrosion products from a first wall or shielding blanket primary cooling loop of the international thermonuclearExpand
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Radiation transport and nuclear induced heating analysis for ITER baseline design
This paper presents the methodology calculation and the results of heat deposition due to the neutron and gamma interactions with the materials of different ITER zones. One dimensional discreteExpand
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Fusion plant material damage due to neutron irradiation: An assessment for ITER in-vessel components
This paper summarises and discusses the results of the material damage assessment for the in-vessel components of the International Tokamak Experimental Reactor (ITER), with reference to the baselineExpand
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Neutron exposure characterisation of ITER divertor materials for source terms evaluation
The paper presents the results of the Sn neutron transport and activation calculation to evaluate the activated corrosion product source terms related to the ITER divertor primary heat transferExpand
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Cemented Containers Radiological Data From a Disused Uranium Mine Low-Level Waste Repository: A Calculated-Experiment Cross-Check for Data Verification and Validation
Code validation problems involve calculation of experiments and a comparison experiment-calculation. Experimental data and physical properties of these systems are used to determine the range ofExpand
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Calculation and classification of the radioactive waste inventory in the structural components of a compact ignition fusion machine
Abstract The radioactive inventory, decay heat and contact dose rate of certain materials (graphite in the first wall, INCONEL 625 in the vacuum vessel and copper in the magnet) of the IGNITOR-ULTExpand
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Anita-2000 activation code package: clearance assessment of ITER activated materials
To demonstrate fusion's environmental attractiveness over the entire life cycle, a waste analysis is mandatory. The clearance is recommended by IAEA for releasing activated solid materials fromExpand
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