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An ACM-W literature review on women in computing
A large number of articles was gathered and processed on the topic of women in computing and the shrinking pipeline, and a publicly available online database was created to organize the references of this body of work by topic, author, and reference information.
Pioneering women in computer science
The pioneers are women who were involved in original work that resulted in ground-breaking technical development or helped to generate new ideas or methods in the realm of computer science.
1 An Artificial Intelligence Approach to Network Fault Management ‡
This work proposes a hybrid AI solution that employs both neural networks and case-based reasoning techniques for the fault management of heterogeneous distributed information networks, and discusses how AI technologies may be used to automate this process.
Women in computing history
A few online sites contain biographies of women in technology, but many women who have contributed significantly to computer science are still to be discovered.
Pioneering women in computer science
A survey of women pioneers demonstrates their iniluence in designing and programming the electronic computers and languages, while laying the groundwork for women's expanding involvement in science.
Women's Contributions to Early Computing at the National Bureau of Standards
  • D. Gürer
  • Engineering
    IEEE Ann. Hist. Comput.
  • 1996
The disclosure relates to an improved manual impact apparatus for driving a stake of the type having a head at one end thereof, which apparatus is characterized by a slidable sleeve having oppositely
Women in computer science: where have we been and where are we going?
  • Tracy Camp, D. Gürer
  • Computer Science
    International Symposium on Technology and Society…
  • 29 July 1999
Results from a survey that asked respondents their views on why women's participation in the field of computing is decreasing are presented, what they can do to reverse this trend, and what the future holds for women in computing are presented.
Women and computing
Women have played a primary role in computer programming since its origins in the mid-1800s. Augusta Ada Byron, Countess of Lovelace (q.v.) introduced many concepts of computer programming, such as
Women in Computing
Women's experiences and impact in the computing history of the United States and in several other nations is covered and some of the reasons for the disparities between the number of men and women in this field are explored.