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First confirmed records of the bush dog (Carnivora Canidae) for Costa Rica
The first confirmed records of the bush dog for the country and a new elevational record for the species are presented and the idea of the cryptic behavior of the species and its natural rareness is reinforced.
Geographic variation in the diet of the Cauca Poison Frog Andinobates bombetes (Anura: Dendrobatidae) in the Andes of Colombia.
The diet of Andinobates bombetes is a dietary ant and mite specialist, similar to other dendrobatid frogs, and there was not a significant correlation between snout-vent length (SVL) and prey volume sampled.
Population Assessment Strategy for Atelopus elegans ( Bufonidae ) in the Gorgona National Natural Park , Colombia
Atelopus species are among the most endangered anurans, and have recently suffered enigmatic declines. However, several species for which preventive actions have been proposed continue to be recorded
Precipitous decline of white-lipped peccary populations in Mesoamerica
Abstract Large mammalian herbivores are experiencing population reductions and range declines. However, we lack regional knowledge of population status for many herbivores, particularly in developing
The population decline of Atelopus quimbaya (Anura: Bufonidae) in the Andes of Colombia
El sapo Quimbaya, Atelopus quimbaya, es un bufónido pequeño endémico de los Andes en Colombia y categorizado como Críticamente Amenazada por la IUCN. Aquí, reportamos los avistamientos históricos y
Interaction behavior and vocalization of the baird’s tapir Tapirus bairdii from Talamanca, Costa Rica
Observations on interaction behavior and the analyses of the first wild vocalizations for Baird’s Tapir from Talamanca, Costa Rica provide clues into social interaction and use of vocal traits for communication among wild tapirs, as well as contribute for future analyses regarding the phylogenetic signal within the genus.
Predation on the bush anole Polychrus gutturosus by the parrot snake Leptophis ahaetulla , with a new record of the bush anole for the Gorgona Island National Natural Park, Colombia
we described in detail a new predation event on bush anole ( P. gutturosus ) by L . ahaetulla , based on observations in the Gorgona Island Natural National Park, Colombia, which represents the first
From hope to alert: demography of a remnant population of the Critically Endangered Atelopus varius from Costa Rica
ABSTRACT Harlequin frogs have suffered severe declines across the Neotropics. We present a population assessment for a recently discovered population of Atelopus varius from Costa Rica. Using
Activity patterns of Tayra Eira barbara populations from Costa Rica and Colombia: evidence of seasonal effects
The objective of this study was to evaluate the activity patterns of Tayra Eira barbara and the effect of seasonality in two different landscapes, one in Colombia (Canal del Dique Watershed) and