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Gravity wave dynamics and effects in the middle atmosphere
[1] Atmospheric gravity waves have been a subject of intense research activity in recent years because of their myriad effects and their major contributions to atmospheric circulation, structure, andExpand
CASES-99: a comprehensive investigation of the stable nocturnal boundary layer
Abstract The Cooperative Atmosphere-Surface Exchange Study—1999 (CASES-99) refers to a field experiment carried out in southeast Kansas during October 1999 and the subsequent program ofExpand
Evidence for a Saturated Spectrum of Atmospheric Gravity Waves.
Abstract The slope and power spectral density of atmospheric velocity fluctuations versus vertical wavenumber at large wavenumber are observed to be nearly independent of altitude. We suggest thatExpand
Gravity wave saturation in the middle atmosphere: A review of theory and observations
This paper provides a review of recent advances in our understanding of gravity wave saturation in the middle atmosphere. A brief discussion of those studies leading to the identification of gravityExpand
Convective and dynamical instabilities due to gravity wave motions in the lower and middle atmosphere: Theory and observations
Dynamical and convective instabilities are two mechanisms that contribute significantly to the dissipation of larger-scale motions and the generation of turbulence in the middle atmosphere. TheExpand
Numerical modeling of initially turbulent wakes with net momentum
This paper presents results from the first fully three-dimensional direct numerical simulations of initially turbulent wakes with net momentum in unstratified and density stratified fluids. TheExpand
Sources of Mesoscale Variability of Gravity Waves. Part II: Frontal, Convective, and Jet Stream Excitation
Abstract We present studies of four cases of mesoscale variance enhancements of horizontal velocity and temperature due to frontal activity, nonfrontal convection, and wind shear. These data wereExpand
Thermospheric responses to gravity waves: Influences of increasing viscosity and thermal diffusivity
[1] A gravity wave anelastic dispersion relation is derived that includes molecular viscosity and thermal diffusivity to explore the damping of high-frequency gravity waves in the thermosphere. TheExpand
Gravity wave breaking in two and three dimensions: 1. Model description and comparison of two‐dimensional evolutions
A nonlinear, compressible, spectral collocation code is employed to examine gravity wave breaking in two and three spatial dimensions. Two-dimensional results exhibit a structure consistent withExpand
VHF Echoes from the High-Latitude Mesosphere and Lower Thermosphere: Observations and Interpretations
Abstract Recently published data (Ecklund and Balsley) describing VHF radar echo characteristics from the Arctic mesosphere and lower thermosphere show a remarkable seasonal dependence of both theExpand