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The production of social capital in US counties
A growing belief exists that social capital contributes to economic growth of communities. In this paper, we identify inputs into the production of social capital at the level of US counties, usingExpand
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Social and institutional factors as determinants of economic growth: Evidence from the United States counties
Abstract. In the search for explanations of persistent differences in economic growth rates, the conditional convergence growth model has introduced the possibility of incorporating a wide set ofExpand
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State-Level Determinants of Entrepreneurship and a Preliminary Measure of Entrepreneurial Climate
State and local governments increasingly look to entrepreneurship as a means of stimulating economic growth. However, can the public sector play a role in promoting entrepreneurial activity—and ifExpand
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Social Capital and Economic Growth: A County-Level Analysis
The effect of social capital on economic growth is examined using linear regression analysis and U.S. county-level data. Results reveal that social capital has a statistically significant,Expand
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Factors Influencing Local Government Cooperation in Rural Areas: Evidence from the Tennessee Valley
Various forms of cooperation among local governments have long been advocated as means to aggregate resources and demand in rural areas so that public services and infrastructure can be improved.Expand
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Farm Production Policy Versus Rural Life Policy
For more than two decades, the Rural Development Division of the Economic Research Service of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, along with most of the university community engaged in ruralExpand
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Cooperatives in Rural Community Development: A New Framework for Analysis
Although cooperatives are viewed as an important vehicle for community development, the relationship between cooperatives and communities is a neglected research issue. Because of this neglect, noExpand
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