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It's good to be queen: classically eusocial colony structure and low worker fitness in an obligately social sweat bee
Lasioglossum malachurum, a bee species common across much of Europe, is obligately eusocial across its range but exhibits clear geographic variation in demography and social behaviour. This variationExpand
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Prey populations, patterns of availability, and dispersion of prey can have farreaching effects on numbers and range-sizes of terrestrial Carnivora (Macdonald, 1983; Kruuk & Parish, 1982; Kruuk &Expand
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Operant investigation of mating preference in female rats.
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Apparatus for Operant Measure of Sexual Behavior in Female Rats
An apparatus for the operant evaluation of sexual behavior in female rats is presented. When a female rat presses either of two levers, one of two sexually active male rats is released from a holdingExpand
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Describing the spread of oak wilt using a geographic information system.
The oak wilt fungus (C. fagacearum) spreads both through root grafts to adjacent trees and via insects over longer distances. Effective control of the disease requires a better understanding of theExpand
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Detection of Annual Changes in the Numbers of Cliff-Nesting Seabirds in Orkney 1976-80
(1) This paper reports on a 5-year project set up in Mainland, Orkney, Scotland to assess annual and longer-term changes in numbers of four seabird species against a pattern of temporal variability.Expand
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