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Stability in Gauged Extended Supergravity
Extended supergravity theories with gauged SO(N) internal symmetry have, for N ≥ 4, scalar field potentials which are unbounded below. Nevertheless, it is argued that the theories have ground statesExpand
Renormalization group flows from holography supersymmetry and a c theorem
We obtain first order equations that determine a supersymmetric kink solution in fivedimensional N = 8 gauged supergravity. The kink interpolates between an exterior anti-de Sitter region withExpand
Non-perturbative formulas for central functions of supersymmetric gauge theories
Abstract For quantum field theories that flow between ultraviolet and infrared fixed points, central functions, defined from two-point correlators of the stress tensor and conserved currents,Expand
Positive Energy in anti-De Sitter Backgrounds and Gauged Extended Supergravity
The energy functional of a field theory with anti-de Sitter background geometry can be positive for scalar potentials which are unbounded below and for vacua corresponding to critical points whichExpand
Modeling the fifth dimension with scalars and gravity
A method for obtaining solutions to the classical equations for scalars plus gravity in five dimensions is applied to some recent suggestions for brane-world phenomenology. The method involves onlyExpand
Holography and defect conformal field theories
We develop both the gravity and field theory sides of the Karch-Randall conjecture that the near-horizon description of a certain D5-D3 brane configuration in string theory, realized as AdS_5 x S^5Expand
Correlation functions in the CFT(d) / AdS(d+1) correspondence
Abstract Conformal techniques are applied to the calculation of integrals on AdS d +1 space which define correlators of composite operators in the superconformal field theory on the d -dimensionalExpand
Supersymmetric gauge theories and the AdS / CFT correspondence
In these lecture notes we first assemble the basic ingredients of supersymmetric gauge theories (particularly N=4 super-Yang-Mills theory), supergravity, and superstring theory. Brane solutions areExpand
PP-wave string interactions from perturbative Yang-Mills theory
Recently, Berenstein et al. have proposed a duality between a sector of = 4 super-Yang-Mills theory with large R-charge J, and string theory in a pp-wave background. In the limit considered, theExpand
Holographic Renormalization
We systematically develop the procedure of holographic renormalization for RG flows dual to asymptotically AdS domain walls. All divergences of the on-shell bulk action can be cancelled by addingExpand