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Estimation of the concentration of low-density lipoprotein cholesterol in plasma, without use of the preparative ultracentrifuge.
A method for estimating the cholesterol content of the serum low-density lipoprotein fraction (Sf0-20) is presented and comparison of this suggested procedure with the more direct procedure, in which the ultracentrifuge is used, yielded correlation coefficients of .94 to .99. Expand
Selective measurement of two lipase activities in postheparin plasma from normal subjects and patients with hyperlipoproteinemia.
In 12 patients with hyperchylomicronemia, protamine-inactivated lipase activity was markedly reduced, whereas protamines-resistant lipase was below normal in only 1.5 patients, indicating the importance of distinguishing between lipases of hepatic and extra-hepatic origin in the measurement of postheparin lipolytic activity. Expand
A specific apoprotein activator for lipoprotein lipase.
Only apoLP-glu is able to stimulate LPL activity in the absence of phospholipid and, in the presence of phosphoipid, increases activity twelvefold over baseline levels. Expand
Complete genomic sequence of the human ABCA1 gene: analysis of the human and mouse ATP-binding cassette A promoter.
These combined findings provide insights into ABCA1-mediated regulation of cellular cholesterol metabolism and will facilitate the identification of new pharmacologic agents for the treatment of atherosclerosis in humans. Expand
The metabolism of sphingomyelin. II. Evidence of an enzymatic deficiency in Niemann-Pick diseae.
Human ATP-binding cassette transporter 1 (ABC1): genomic organization and identification of the genetic defect in the original Tangier disease kindred.
The genomic organization of the human ABC1 gene is reported and a frameshift mutation in the ABC2 gene of the index case of Tangier disease is identified, which will be useful in the future characterization of the structure and function of theABC1 gene and the analysis of additional ABC1 mutations in patients withTangier disease. Expand
Classification of hyperlipidaemias and hyperlipoproteinaemias.
The present memorandum presents a classification of the main types of hyperlipidaemia, based on lipoprotein analyses by electrophoresis and ultracentrifugation, and briefly describes the criteria for diagnosis as well as the methods of their determination. Expand
Thf complete amino acid sequence of C-I (apoLp-Ser), an apolipoprotein from human very low density lipoproteins.
The complete amino acid sequence of C-I, 57 residues in length, does not reveal any obvious basis for its lipophilic properties. Expand