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Development and validation of the Sociocultural Attitudes Towards Appearance Questionnaire-4 (SATAQ-4).
The Sociocultural Attitudes Towards Appearance Questionnaire-3 (SATAQ-3) and its earlier versions are measures designed to assess societal and interpersonal aspects of appearance ideals.Expand
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The Attractive Female Body Weight and Female Body Dissatisfaction in 26 Countries Across 10 World Regions: Results of the International Body Project I
This study reports results from the first International Body Project (IBP-I), which surveyed 7,434 individuals in 10 major world regions about body weight ideals and body dissatisfaction.Expand
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Desiring the Muscular Ideal: Men's Body Satisfaction in the United States, Ukraine, and Ghana
Failure to achieve a lean and muscular build, a prominent characteristic of masculinity for many men, may lead to body dissatisfaction. In four studies the authors used silhouette measures to assessExpand
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Body Image Satisfaction in Heterosexual, Gay, and Lesbian Adults
Does the prevalence and degree of body dissatisfaction differ among heterosexual and homosexual men and women? Some theorists have suggested that, compared to their heterosexual peers, gay men are atExpand
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Why Is Muscularity Sexy? Tests of the Fitness Indicator Hypothesis
Evolutionary scientists propose that exaggerated secondary sexual characteristics are cues of genes that increase offspring viability or reproductive success. In six studies the hypothesis thatExpand
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Conditional mate preferences: Factors influencing preferences for height
Abstract Physical stature plays an important role in human mate choice because it may signal dominance, high status, access to resources, and underlying heritable qualities. Although past researchExpand
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Does size matter? Men's and women's views on penis size across the lifespan.
The media equate a man’s penis size with his power and masculinity. Views about penis size were assessed in an Internet survey of 52,031 heterosexual men and women. Most men (66%) rated their penisExpand
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How much paternal resemblance is enough? Sex differences in hypothetical investment decisions but not in the detection of resemblance
Abstract Subjects presented with an array of children's faces, which had been morphed to resemble the subject to varying degrees, were asked to make hypothetical investment decisions. AlthoughExpand
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Ovulatory shifts in human female ornamentation: Near ovulation, women dress to impress
Humans differ from many other primates in the apparent absence of obvious advertisements of fertility within the ovulatory cycle. However, recent studies demonstrate increases in women's sexualExpand
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Interest in Cosmetic Surgery and Body Image: Views of Men and Women across the Lifespan
Background: Little is known about interest in cosmetic surgery among the general public or how this interest is related to gender, age, relationship status, body mass index, or body imageExpand
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