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A new fossil mammal assemblage from the southern Chilean Andes: implications for geology, geochronology, and tectonics
Abstract A diverse (36 taxa), new fossil terrestrial mammal assemblage has been recovered from the Santacrucian South American Land Mammal ‘Age’ (SALMA; latest Early Miocene) in the southern Andes ofExpand
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The Pleistocene Gomphotheriidae (Proboscidea) from South America
Abstract Gomphotheres arrived in South America during the “Great American Biotic Interchange” and occurred in South America from the early middle Pleistocene (Ensenadan Land-mammal Age) to the lateExpand
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Neogene-quaternary coastal and offshore sedimentation in north central chile: record of sea-level changes and implications for andean tectonism
Abstract The stratigraphy, sedimentology, and paleontology of the Coquimbo Formation in a coastal section approximately 100 km north of La Serena was studied to establish relative low-order sea-levelExpand
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Miocene Vetigastropoda and Neritimorpha (Mollusca, Gastropoda) of central Chile
Species of Vetigastropoda (Fissurellidae, Turbinidae, Trochidae) and one species of Neritimorpha (Neritidae) from the Navidad area, south of Valparaiso, and the Arauco Peninsula, south of Concepcion,Expand
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The Pleistocene Gomphotheres (Proboscidea) from South America: Diversity, Habitats and Feeding Ecology
The proboscidea gomphotheres (family Gomphotheriidae) are known in South America from the early Pleistocene (Ensenadan Landmammal Age) to the late Pleistocene (Lujanian Land-mammal Age). They wereExpand
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Presencia de "Hippidion" y "Equus (Amerhippus)" (Mammalia, Perissodactyla) y su distribución en el Pleistoceno superior de Chile
Fossil remains belonging to Equidae fram Chilean localities are described and taxonomically determined. Equus (Amerhippus) and Hippidion species are identified; its geographic distribution in ChileExpand
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Abstract Fourteen species of Volutidae are recognized from the Neogene of central to southern Chile. Seven species are known from previous descriptions: Voluta triplicata, V. alta, V. domeykoana, V.Expand
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Revisión y estudio de los restos fósiles de mastodontes de Chile (Gomphotheriidae): Cuvieronius hyodon, Pleistoceno superior
Mastodont fossil remains from Chile are described and discussed from a taxonomic point of view. A single species must be considered: Cuvieronius hyodon (Fischer) for the Late Pleistocene of Chile.Expand
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