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Understanding animal welfare
  • D. Fraser
  • Psychology
  • Acta Veterinaria Scandinavica
  • 19 August 2008
In debates about the welfare of animals, different people have tended to emphasize different concerns. Some emphasize the basic health and functioning of animals, especially freedom from disease andExpand
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A scientific conception of animal welfare that reflects ethical concerns.
Scientific research on 'animal welfare' began because of ethical concerns over the quality of life of animals, and the public looks to animal welfare research for guidance regarding these concerns.Expand
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Identifying and preventing pain in animals
Animals are routinely subjected to painful procedures, such as tail docking for puppies, castration for piglets, dehorning for dairy calves, and surgery for laboratory rats. Disease and injury, suchExpand
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Sow body movements that crush piglets: a comparison between two types of farrowing accommodation
Abstract Crushing by the sow is a major cause of death for piglets. The behavior of 20 sows and their litters kept in two types of farrowing accommodation (farrowing crates and more open pens) wasExpand
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Assessing animal welfare at the farm and group level: the interplay of science and values
In the social debate about animal welfare we can identify three different views about how animals should be raised and how their welfare should be judged: (1) the view that animals should be raisedExpand
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Attraction to blood as a factor in tail-biting by pigs
Abstract Canvas models, about the size of a pig's tail, were impregnated with pigs' blood or left plain, and were presented to pigs for 12 days in a 2-choice preference test. The pigs showed large,Expand
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Crushing of piglets by sows: effects of litter features, pen features and sow behaviour
Abstract Crushing of piglets by sows in farrowing pens was studied in a 2×2 experiment to evaluate the effect of different pen design features. Pens had either concrete or plastic-coated expandedExpand
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Alternative housing for sows and litters.: Part 4. Effects of sow-controlled housing combined with a communal piglet area on pre- and post-weaning behaviour and performance
Abstract Previous experimental work has shown modest and variable production and welfare benefits for the lactating sow and piglets when sows are allowed to separate themselves temporarily from theirExpand
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Calling by domestic piglets: reliable signals of need?
Abstract Two manipulations were performed on domestic piglets to determine whether differences in calling during periods of separation from the mother can indicate differences in need. In both cases,Expand
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A review of the behavioural mechanism of milk ejection of the domestic pig
Abstract The domestic pig has complex nursing and suckling behaviour, consisting of several distinct phases of suckling by the piglets and a characteristic pattern of grunting by the sow. A review ofExpand
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