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Anti-Escherichia coli asparaginase antibody levels determine the activity of second-line treatment with pegylated E coli asparaginase: a retrospective analysis within the ALL-BFM trials.
Erwinia ASE was found to be the best ASE alternative if Ab levels against E coli ASE exceed 200 AU/mL, and in the presence of moderate or intermediate Ab levels the switch from native to pegylated E bacteria resulted in a significant increase of ASE activity above the threshold of 100 U/L.
Allergens of horse epithelium. I. Physicochemical and immunochemical characterization of five different horse epithelium raw materials used for allergen extract preparation.
It appears that some of the differences, e.g. the content of serum-related proteins, depend on the way the different raw materials are prepared, and whole skin cannot be recommended as starting material for horse epithelial allergen extract preparation.
Evaluation of a new ELISA for the detection of specific IgG to the Epstein-Barr nuclear antigen 1 (EBNA-1).
The evaluation of the quantitative EBV EBNA-1-IgG-ELISA PKS medac was evaluated regarding its suitability for routine diagnosis and showed that the assay meets the demands of routine diagnosis very well.
Comparative pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic characterisation of a new pegylated recombinant E. colil-asparaginase preparation (MC0609) in Beagle dog
The new pegylated recombinant l-asparaginase preparation MC0609 revealed striking differences in PK/PD properties compared with Oncaspar® in rat and dog.
Evaluation of a novel immunoglobulin a capture enzyme immunoassay for diagnosis of cytomegalovirus infection in renal and heart transplant recipients
The pp65 antigen assay, which detectspp65 antigen in leukocytes, is the method of choice for diagnosis of either primary or recurrent CMV infection.
Diagnostic evaluation of a new panel of assays for Epstein-Barr virus serology.
This study was performed to evaluate the diagnostic performance of the new commercial assays EBV EBNA-1-IgG-ELISA PKS medac, EBV VCA-IhgM-ELA Test PKSMedac, and EBV EIAs using indirect immunofluorescence (IFA) as reference.