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Artificial neural networks for solving ordinary and partial differential equations
We present a method to solve initial and boundary value problems using artificial neural networks. A trial solution of the differential equation is written as a sum of two parts. The first partExpand
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Atomic-force microscopy: Rhodopsin dimers in native disc membranes
In vertebrate retinal photoreceptors, the rod outer-segment disc membranes contain densely packed rhodopsin molecules for optimal light absorption and subsequent amplification by the visualExpand
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Epileptic Seizure Detection in EEGs Using Time–Frequency Analysis
The detection of recorded epileptic seizure activity in EEG segments is crucial for the localization and classification of epileptic seizures. However, since seizure evolution is typically a dynamicExpand
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Automatic Seizure Detection Based on Time-Frequency Analysis and Artificial Neural Networks
The recording of seizures is of primary interest in the evaluation of epileptic patients. Seizure is the phenomenon of rhythmicity discharge from either a local area or the whole brain and theExpand
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Machine learning applications in cancer prognosis and prediction
Cancer has been characterized as a heterogeneous disease consisting of many different subtypes. The early diagnosis and prognosis of a cancer type have become a necessity in cancer research, as itExpand
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Toward Emotion Recognition in Car-Racing Drivers: A Biosignal Processing Approach
In this paper, we present a methodology and a wearable system for the evaluation of the emotional states of car-racing drivers. The proposed approach performs an assessment of the emotional statesExpand
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Automated Diagnosis of Coronary Artery Disease Based on Data Mining and Fuzzy Modeling
A fuzzy rule-based decision support system (DSS) is presented for the diagnosis of coronary artery disease (CAD). The system is automatically generated from an initial annotated dataset, using a fourExpand
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Automatic detection of freezing of gait events in patients with Parkinson's disease
The aim of this study is to detect freezing of gait (FoG) events in patients suffering from Parkinson's disease (PD) using signals received from wearable sensors (six accelerometers and twoExpand
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Molecular architecture of photosynthetic membranes in Rhodobacter sphaeroides: the role of PufX
The effects of the PufX polypeptide on membrane architecture were investigated by comparing the composition and structures of photosynthetic membranes from PufX+ and PufX− strains of RhodobacterExpand
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An arrhythmia classification system based on the RR-interval signal
OBJECTIVE This paper proposes a knowledge-based method for arrhythmic beat classification and arrhythmic episode detection and classification using only the RR-interval signal extracted from ECGExpand
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