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Odds setters as forecasters: the case of English football
Abstract Sets of odds issued by bookmakers may be interpreted as incorporating implicit probabilistic forecasts of sporting events. Employing a sample of nearly 10 000 English football (soccer)Expand
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Outcome uncertainty and attendance demand in sport: the case of English soccer
Summary. We test whether attendances in team sports respond positively to the amount of uncertainty of the outcome between the competing teams in a match. Our results show that admissions at EnglishExpand
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Sentiment in the betting market on Spanish football
We employ a sample of over 3000 bets available on matches from the top tier of Spanish football in an examination of the efficiency of betting odds offered in the on-line betting market. Odds appearExpand
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The 12th man?: refereeing bias in English and German soccer
The paper investigates potential bias in awards of player disciplinary sanctions, in the form of cautions (yellow cards) and dismissals (red cards) by referees in the English Premier League and theExpand
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Buying a Dream: Alternative Models of Demand for Lotto
Existing lotto demand models utilize effective price, computed as the face value of a ticket minus the expected value of prize money per ticket, as their primary explanatory variable. By contrast,Expand
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Outcome uncertainty and the couch potato audience
Previous studies of attendance demand for professional team sports have failed to yield clear- cut findings on the importance of outcome uncertainty to consumers. But potentially fewer problemsExpand
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New Issues in Attendance Demand
This articles uses an attendance demand model with panel data on more than 4,000 games to examine economic problems of fixture congestion in English Football League schedules. We find that televised,Expand
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The aim of this paper is to examine the relationship between the availability of commuter rail services and the pattern of house prices in an urban area, and to assess whether modernisation ofExpand
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Anyone for Tennis (Betting)?
Abstract The most robust anomaly noted in the literature on wagering markets is (positive) longshot bias: over a period of 50 years, it has been well documented in horse betting that higher expectedExpand
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The Labour Market in Association Football: Who Gets Transferred and For How Much?
This paper employs data for the 1993-94 season to estimate a hedonic equation representing the determination of the price structure in the transfer market for professional players in the EnglishExpand
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