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Identification of child maltreatment with the Parent-Child Conflict Tactics Scales: development and psychometric data for a national sample of American parents.
OBJECTIVE To create a parent-to-child version of the Conflict Tactics Scales, the CTSPC. METHOD Description of the conceptual and methodological approaches used and psychometric data for aExpand
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Child Sexual Abuse: New Theory and Research
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Impact of sexual abuse on children: a review and synthesis of recent empirical studies.
A review of 45 studies clearly demonstrated that sexually abused children had more symptoms than nonabused children, with abuse accounting for 15-45% of the variance. Fears, posttraumatic stressExpand
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Impact of child sexual abuse: a review of the research.
Revue de la litterature traitant des effets des agressions sexuelles contre des enfants et discussion de leurs effets immediats et a long terme et de l'impact des differents types d'agression
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Poly-victimization: a neglected component in child victimization.
OBJECTIVE To assess the role of multiple victimization, or what is termed in this article "poly-victimization," in explaining trauma symptomatology. METHOD In a nationally representative sample ofExpand
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The traumatic impact of child sexual abuse: a conceptualization.
A framework is proposed for a more systematic understanding of the effects of child sexual abuse. Four traumagenic dynamics--traumatic sexualization, betrayal, stigmatization, and powerlessness--areExpand
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The international epidemiology of child sexual abuse.
Surveys of child sexual abuse in large nonclinical populations of adults have been conducted in at least 19 countries in addition to the United States and Canada, including 10 national probabilityExpand
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Current information on the scope and nature of child sexual abuse.
Approximately 150,000 confirmed cases of child sexual abuse were reported to child welfare authorities in the United States during 1993. This number represents about 15% of the more than one millionExpand
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Sexually Victimized Children
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Sexual abuse in a national survey of adult men and women: prevalence, characteristics, and risk factors.
This paper reports on the first national survey of adults concerning a history of childhood sexual abuse. Victimization was reported by 27% of the women and 16% of the men. Higher rates of abuse wereExpand
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