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Integrated Model of Chemical Perturbations of a Biological Pathway Using 18 In Vitro High-Throughput Screening Assays for the Estrogen Receptor.
We demonstrate a computational network model that integrates 18 in vitro, high-throughput screening assays measuring estrogen receptor (ER) binding, dimerization, chromatin binding, transcriptionalExpand
tcpl: the ToxCast pipeline for high‐throughput screening data
The tcpl R package and its associated MySQL database provide a generalized platform for efficiently storing, normalizing and dose‐response modeling of large high‐throughput and high‐content chemical screening data. Expand
Predictive endocrine testing in the 21st century using in vitro assays of estrogen receptor signaling responses.
Thousands of environmental chemicals are subject to regulatory review for their potential to be endocrine disruptors (ED). In vitro high-throughput screening (HTS) assays have emerged as a potentialExpand
Test driving ToxCast: endocrine profiling for 1858 chemicals included in phase II.
Identifying chemicals, beyond those already implicated, to test for potential endocrine disruption is a challenge and high throughput approaches have emerged as a potential tool for this type ofExpand
Analysis of the Effects of Cell Stress and Cytotoxicity onIn Vitro Assay Activity Across a Diverse Chemical and Assay Space
High-Throughput Screening of Chemical Effects on Steroidogenesis Using H295R Human Adrenocortical Carcinoma Cells
Disruption of steroidogenesis by environmental chemicals can result in altered hormone levels causing adverse reproductive and developmental effects. A high-throughput assay using H295R humanExpand
Cross-species analysis of thyroperoxidase inhibition by xenobiotics demonstrates conservation of response between pig and rat.
Thyroperoxidase (TPO), the enzyme that catalyzes the synthesis of thyroid hormone, is a known target for thyroid-disrupting chemicals. In vivo toxicological evidence supporting TPO-inhibition as oneExpand
Curation of food-relevant chemicals in ToxCast.
High-throughput in vitro assays and exposure prediction efforts are paving the way for modeling chemical risk; however, the utility of such extensive datasets can be limited or misleading when annotation fails to capture current chemical usage. Expand
Evaluation of food-relevant chemicals in the ToxCast high-throughput screening program.
Thousands of chemicals are directly added to or come in contact with food, many of which have undergone little to no toxicological evaluation. The landscape of the food-relevant chemical universe wasExpand
Prioritizing Environmental Chemicals for Obesity and Diabetes Outcomes Research: A Screening Approach Using ToxCast™ High-Throughput Data
Background: Diabetes and obesity are major threats to public health in the United States and abroad. Understanding the role that chemicals in our environment play in the development of theseExpand