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Science with the space-based interferometer LISA. IV: probing inflation with gravitational waves
We investigate the potential for the LISA space-based interferometer to detect the stochastic gravitational wave background produced from different mechanisms during inflation. Focusing onExpand
Cosmological Backgrounds of Gravitational Waves
Gravitational wave observations have a great potential for probing cosmology. Here we concentrate on the early universe, and review proposed sources that can lead to cosmological backgrounds ofExpand
Preheating in the standard model with the Higgs inflaton coupled to gravity
We study the details of preheating in an inflationary scenario in which the standard model Higgs, strongly nonminimally coupled to gravity, plays the role of the inflaton. We find that the UniverseExpand
Probing the gravitational wave background from cosmic strings with LISA
Cosmic string networks offer one of the best prospects for detection of cosmological gravitational waves (GWs). The combined incoherent GW emission of a large number of string loops leads to aExpand
Gravitational wave background from reheating after hybrid inflation
The reheating of the Universe after hybrid inflation proceeds through the nucleation and subsequent collision of large concentrations of energy density in the form of bubblelike structures moving atExpand
Reconstructing the spectral shape of a stochastic gravitational wave background with LISA
We present a set of tools to assess the capabilities of LISA to detect and reconstruct the spectral shape and amplitude of a stochastic gravitational wave background (SGWB). We first provide the LISAExpand
Gravitational waves from Abelian gauge fields and cosmic strings at preheating
Primordial gravitational waves provide a very important stochastic background that could be detected soon with interferometric gravitational wave antennas or indirectly via the induced patterns inExpand
On the anisotropy of the gravitational wave background from massless preheating
When a light scalar field is present during inflation, its value varies on superhorizon scales, modulating the preheating process at the end of inflation. Consequently, the amplitude of theExpand
Anisotropies in the gravitational wave background from preheating.
If future direct detection GW experiments are capable of detecting the GW produced by preheating, they should also be able to detect this effect, which could eventually provide a powerful way to distinguish between different inflationary and pre heating scenarios. Expand
Stochastic background of gravitational waves from fermions — Theory and applications
A bstractOut-of-equilibrium fermions can be created in the early Universe by non-perturbative parametric effects, both at preheating or during the thermal era. An anisotropic stress is developed inExpand