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Design and development of NIRSPEC: a near-infrared echelle spectrograph for the Keck II telescope
The design and development of NIRSPEC, a near-IR echelle spectrograph for the Keck II 10-meter telescope is described. This instrument is a large, facility-class vacuum-cryogenic spectrometer with aExpand
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Hubble Space Telescope/NICMOS Observations of Massive Stellar Clusters near the Galactic Center
We report Hubble Space Telescope (HST) Near-Infrared Camera and Multiobject Spectrometer (NICMOS) observations of the Arches and Quintuplet clusters, two extraordinary young clusters near theExpand
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Massive Stars in the Quintuplet Cluster
We present near-infrared photometry and K-band spectra of newly identified massive stars in the Quintuplet cluster, one of the three massive clusters projected within 50 pc of the Galactic center. WeExpand
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Massive Stars in the Arches Cluster
We present and use new spectra and narrowband images, along with previously published broadband images, of stars in the Arches cluster to extract photometry, astrometry, equivalent width, andExpand
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Discovery of an extraordinarily massive cluster of red supergiants
We report the discovery of an extraordinarily massive young cluster of stars in the Galaxy, having an inferred total initial cluster mass comparable to the most massive young clusters in the Galaxy.Expand
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Metallicity in the Galactic Center: The Arches Cluster
We present a quantitative spectral analysis of five very massive stars in the Arches cluster, located near the Galactic center, to determine stellar parameters, stellar wind properties, and, mostExpand
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The Arches Cluster Mass Function
We have analyzed H- and Ks-band images of the Arches cluster obtained using the NIRC2 instrument on Keck with the laser guide star adaptive optics (LGS AO) system. With the help of the LGS AO system,Expand
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We present Hubble Space Telescope (HST) Near-Infrared Camera and Multiobject Spectrometer (NICMOS) observations as evidence that continuous star formation has created much of the central stellar cuspExpand
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A K-Band Spectral Atlas of Wolf-Rayet Stars
We present K-band spectra (R ~ 525) of 38 northern Galactic WR Stars, of which 16 are WC, 19 are WN, two are WN/WC, and one is WO. The spectra have the expected trend of stronger lines for higherExpand
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High-Resolution Infrared Imaging and Spectroscopy of the Pistol Nebula: Evidence for Ejection
We present new infrared images, obtained with the Hubble Space Telescope (HST) Near-Infrared Camera and Multiobject Spectrometer (NICMOS), and Brα (4.05 μm) spectroscopy, obtained using CGS4 onExpand
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