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Risk Perceptions and Pleasure Travel: An Exploratory Analysis
This article investigates risk perceptions associated with pleasure travel. Psychophy sical scaling methods and multivariate analysis identified three basic dimensions of perceived risk:Expand
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Towards understanding members’ general participation in and active contribution to an online travel community
Abstract Online travel community has been considered central to models of Internet marketing and electronic commerce in the travel industry. The successful operation of an online travel communityExpand
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Expanding the functional information search model
Thisstudy used a decision-making and information search model as a framework for explaining the factors which influence the use of communications as they relate to recreation and tourism experiences.Expand
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Factors for Success in Rural Tourism Development
Since the 1970s, economic restructuring and the farm crisis have reduced rural communities’ economic opportunities. These changes have limited rural communities’ economic development options, makingExpand
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Modeling Participation in an Online Travel Community
This study contributes to the understanding of online travel communities by extending and empirically testing a conceptual framework of online travel community member needs. Specifically, theExpand
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Pictorial element of destination in image formation
Abstract This study integrates theories from tourism destination choice, advertising, and landscape aesthetics to examine how content of promotional visuals affects destination image construction andExpand
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The Role of Smartphones in Mediating the Touristic Experience
Mobile phones have evolved to be smart computers (smartphones) supporting a wide range of information services that can be accessed anytime and from (almost) anywhere. With the increasing number ofExpand
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Defining the virtual tourist community: implications for tourism marketing
Abstract The notion of community has been a central element of the Internet since its inception. Though research on virtual communities have been extensive the concept appears to be ill defined andExpand
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Mediating tourist experiences: access to places via shared videos.
The emergence of new media using multimedia features has generated a new set of mediators for tourists' experiences. This study examines two hypotheses regarding the roles that online travel videosExpand
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Online information search: vacation planning process.
This study provided a conceptual model of online tourist search and investigated the micro-level process of vacation planning on the Internet and the implications for designing better tourism related online systems. Expand
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