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Humanitarian Reason: A Moral History of the Present
In the face of the world's disorders, moral concerns have provided a powerful ground for developing international as well as local policies. Didier Fassin draws on case materials from France, SouthExpand
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The Empire of Trauma: An Inquiry into the Condition of Victimhood
The Empire of Trauma: An Inquiry into the Condition of Victimhood makes a signal contribution to the genre of “the history of the present.” It uses the apparently unremarkable fact that victims ofExpand
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Compassion and Repression: The Moral Economy of Immigration Policies in France
Immigration policies in Europe in the last three decades have become increasingly restrictive. During the 1990s, political asylum lost much of its legitimacy, as new criteria based on humanitarianExpand
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Humanitarianism as a Politics of Life
On March 28, 2003, as on the last Friday of every month, the board of administrators of Medecins sans frontieres (MSF; Doctors without Borders) met between five and eleven o’clock in theExpand
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Another Politics of Life is Possible
Although it is usually assumed that in Michel Foucault’s work biopolitics is a politics which has life for its object, a closer analysis of the courses he gave at the Collège de France on this topic,Expand
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The biopolitics of otherness: Undocumented foreigners and racial discrimination in French public debate
L'A. examine les consequences de l'irruption dans la sphere publique francaise de deux thematiques qui ont marque le debat sur l'immigration au cours des annees quatre-ving-dix : la question desExpand
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The politics of AIDS in South Africa: beyond the controversies
Discussion of AIDS in South Africa needs to move beyond a simplistic “for or against” stance on President Mbeki's denial of a connection between HIV and AIDS. The authors propose ways to widen theExpand
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A companion to moral anthropology
A Companion to Moral Anthropology is the first collective consideration of the anthropological dimensions of morals, morality, and ethics. Original essays by international experts explore the variousExpand
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Les économies morales revisitées*
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  • 1 December 2009
Résumé Le concept d’économies morales, proposé par E.P. Thompson il y a quarante ans, a connu depuis lors un succès non démenti mais pourtant ambigu. D’abord, dans les années 1970 et 1980, repris parExpand
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La raison humanitaire : une histoire morale du temps présent
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