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BDNF and NT-4/5 Prevent Atrophy of Rat Rubrospinal Neurons after Cervical Axotomy, Stimulate GAP-43 and Tα1-Tubulin mRNA Expression, and Promote Axonal Regeneration
Rubrospinal neurons (RSNs) undergo a marked atrophy in the second week after cervical axotomy. This delayed atrophy is accompanied by a decline in the expression of regeneration-associated genes suchExpand
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Influence of the axotomy to cell body distance in rat rubrospinal and spinal motoneurons: Differential regulation of GAP‐43, tubulins, and neurofilament‐M
Axotomized motoneurons regenerate their axons regardless of whether axotomy occurs proximally or distally from their cell bodies. In contrast, regeneration of rubrospinal axons into peripheral nerveExpand
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Elite Economic Forecasts, Economic News, Mass Economic Judgments, and Presidential Approval
MacKuen, Erikson, and Stimson (1996) argue for a "banker" model of the electorate in which the expectations of economic experts flow through the news media to the mass public, then influencingExpand
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Spin doctors in the United States, Great Britain, and Germany metacommunication about media manipulation
This study develops a new concept in political communication theory called metacommunication. It argues that metacommunication (1) describes a new, third stage in election coverage after issue andExpand
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News Framing and Cueing of Issue Regimes: Explaining Clinton's Public Approval in Spite of Scandal
During the period of exceedingly critical news coverage surrounding the Monica Lewinsky debacle, President Bill Clinton's job approval ratings were at some of the highest levels they reached duringExpand
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Predictions of Public Opinion from the Mass Media: Computer Content Analysis and Mathematical Modeling
  • D. Fan
  • Computer Science
  • 24 October 1988
Formulation of Ideodynamics Ideodynamics and Previous Models Data for Calculating Public Opinion Computer Text Analysis by Method of Successive Filtrations Projections of Public OpinionExpand
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Elite Cues and Media Bias in Presidential Campaigns
Public perception of a biased news media, particularly media biased in a liberal direction, has increased over the past 3 presidential elections. To examine what might be influencing this publicExpand
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News Media, Candidates and Issues, and Public Opinion in the 1996 Presidential Campaign
There are two primary goals with this research. First, we examine whether news media were biased in coverage of the candidates or issues during the 1996 U.S. presidential campaign, as RepublicanExpand
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Spin Doctoring in British and German Election Campaigns
The 1997 British and 1998 German general elections showed striking parallels and distinctive differences in the way Blair and Schroeder delivered their campaigns and defeated long-sittingExpand
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Attitudes Toward Wolves in the United States and Canada: A Content Analysis of the Print News Media, 1999–2008
Several trends indicate public attitudes toward wolves and other charismatic wildlife changed during the 20th century. However, empirical studies indicate relative stability in attitudes towardExpand
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