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Thermoacoustic Oscillations
In a time of heightened environmental concerns and increased importance on efficiency, thermoacoustic standing waves and oscillations provide a possible solution to many contemporary problems.Expand
Nonexponential solid state 1H and 19F spin-lattice relaxation, single-crystal X-ray diffraction, and isolated-molecule and cluster electronic structure calculations in an organic solid: coupled
We investigate the relationship between intramolecular rotational dynamics and molecular and crystal structure in 4,4'-dimethoxyoctafluorobiphenyl. The techniques are electronic structureExpand
Excitation of Rydberg states in rubidium with near infrared diode lasers.
A system of three external cavity diode lasers is used to excite Rydberg states in rubidium. The 5S→5P→5D transitions are driven using lasers with λ = 780 and 776 nm respectively. From the 5D state,Expand
A spinor Bose-Einstein condensate phase-sensitive amplifier for SU(1,1) interferometry.
The SU(1,1) interferometer was originally conceived as a Mach-Zehnder interferometer with the beam-splitters replaced by parametric amplifiers. The parametric amplifiers produce states withExpand
Optimal Atomic Quantum Sensing using EIT Readout
Quantum sensors offer the capability to reach unprecedented precision by utilizing large quantities of identical atoms and resolving signals down to the standard quantum limit (SQL) governed byExpand