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On the Selection of Ground-Motion Prediction Equations for Seismic Hazard Analysis
A key element in any seismic hazard analysis is the selection of appropriate ground-motion prediction equations (GMPEs). In an earlier paper, focused on the selection and adjustment of ground-motionExpand
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The SHARE European Earthquake Catalogue (SHEEC) 1000–1899
In the frame of the European Commission project “Seismic Hazard Harmonization in Europe” (SHARE), aiming at harmonizing seismic hazard at a European scale, the compilation of a homogeneous, European parametric earthquake catalogue was planned. Expand
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A theoretical investigation of average H/V ratios
SUMMARY The mode summation method and a finite difference technique are applied to investigate the spectral ratio between the horizontal and vertical components (H/V ratio) of ambient vibrations andExpand
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ECOS-09 Earthquake Catalogue of Switzerland Release 2011 Report and Database
ECOS-09 (Earthquake Catalog of Switzerland 2009) is the current earthquake catalog of Switzerland. It integrates the following basic information: The Macroseismic Earthquake Catalog ofExpand
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H/V ratio: a tool for site effects evaluation. Results from 1-D noise simulations
SUMMARY Ambient vibration techniques such as the H/V method may have the potential to significantly contribute to site effect evaluation, particularly in urban areas. Previous studies interpret theExpand
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Automatic computation of moment magnitudes for small earthquakes and the scaling of local to moment magnitude
SUMMARY Moment magnitudes (M W) are computed for small and moderate earthquakes using a spectral fitting method. 40 of the resulting values are compared with those from broadband moment tensorExpand
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Attenuation of seismic shear wave energy in Switzerland
SUMMARY Modelling the attenuation of shear wave energy is an important component of seismic hazard analysis. Previous studies have shown how attenuation, particularly in the uppermost layers ofExpand
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Inversion of local S-wave velocity structures from average H/V ratios, and their use for the estimation of site-effects
H/V spectral ratios from microtremors areused to retrieve the S-velocity structurefrom a single ambient vibration record, byusing its relation to the ellipticity ofthe fundamental mode Rayleigh waveExpand
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A New Empirical Magnitude Scaling Relation for Switzerland
Abstract We estimate moment magnitudes M w for earthquakes in Switzerland recorded between 1998 and 2009 using three different spectral methods. The M w estimation in Switzerland is extended to lowerExpand
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A Stochastic Ground‐Motion Model for Switzerland
Abstract We present a stochastic ground‐motion model for Switzerland. A model for the far‐field Fourier amplitude spectra of earthquakes is first proposed, constrained by ground motions observed fromExpand
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