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Applicability of the coefficient of variation method for analyzing synaptic plasticity.
The classical coefficient of variation method for "quantal" analysis of synaptic responses allows unambiguous identification of pre- and postsynaptic loci underlying synaptic plasticity only whenExpand
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The Mauthner Cell Half a Century Later: A Neurobiological Model for Decision-Making?
The Mauthner (M) cell is a critical element in a vital escape "reflex" triggered by abrupt or threatening events. Its properties at the molecular and synaptic levels, their various forms ofExpand
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Long-term potentiation of electrotonic coupling at mixed synapses
LONG-TERM potentiation1,2 of chemical synapses is closely related to memory and learning3,4. Studies of this process have concentrated on chemically mediated excitatory synapses. By contrast,Expand
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Dopamine enhances both electrotonic coupling and chemical excitatory postsynaptic potentials at mixed synapses.
The transmitter dopamine reduces electrotonic coupling between retinal horizontal cells and increases their sensitivity to glutamate. Since in other systems single afferents establish mixedExpand
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Quantal analysis and synaptic efficacy in the CNS
Quantal analysis of synaptic transmission at connections between neurons in the CNS has provided insights concerning the structural constraints on transmitter release and postsynaptic responsiveness.Expand
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Ca2+/calmodulin-dependent kinase II mediates simultaneous enhancement of gap-junctional conductance and glutamatergic transmission.
While chemical synapses are very plastic and modifiable by defined activity patterns, gap junctions, which mediate electrical transmission, have been classically perceived as passive intercellularExpand
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Neuronal networks underlying the escape response in goldfish. General implications for motor control.
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Localization of optic tectal input to the ventral dendrite of the goldfish Mauthner cell
Although visually evoked Mauthner cell (M-cell) startle responses occur in the goldfish, the afferent projections underlying these reactions have not been previously studied. We have recorded fromExpand
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Axotomy-induced alterations in the electrophysiological characteristics of neurons
The electrophysiological alterations provoked by axotomy have now been studied for almost half a century, in a number of different cell types. Consequently, it is now possible to detail some commonExpand
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