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James 2 in Light of Greco-Roman Schemes of Argumentation
J. H. Ropes has written of James: ‘As in the diatribes, there is a general controlling motive in the discussion, but no firm and logically disposed structure giving a strict unity to the whole, andExpand
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The Rhetoric of James 3:1-12 and a Classical Pattern of Argumentation
Un modele rhetorique d'argumentation est a la base de Jacques 3,1-12. Ce passage est une composition qui forme une unite et qui est construite avec le modele d'argumentation de la rhetoriqueExpand
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1 John 2.12-14 as Distributio, Conduplicatio, and Expolitio
set employs the present tense of ypdoetv (ypa~) and the second set employs the aorist (eypa~a). Both repetition and variation characterize the subordinate clauses. Culpepper writes of 1 Jn 2.12-14:Expand
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Reply to comment on “measures of variability for geological data” by D. F. Watson and G. M. Philip
Commentaire a l'article de Watson D. F. et Philip G. M., 1989 «Measures of variatibility for geological data», Math. Geol. v 21 p 253-254 et reponse des auteurs
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Isolated cerebral phycomycosis presenting as focal encephalitis.
A patient with features of a focal encephalitis was found to have isolated cerebral phycomycosis. No risk factors for phycomycosis were present, and the diagnosis was made by brain biopsy.
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Book review