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Knowing and understanding : relations between meaning and truth, meaning and necessary truth, meaning and synthetic necessary truth
In 2014, the abstract, preface, table of contents and Chapter 1 were (semi automatically) converted to machine readable .txt and pdf files, but the process was very difficult and tedious. So, sinceExpand
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What is knowledge
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The causal conditions of perception
What are the causal conditions of sense-perception? If this is a question about causal conditions that are part of the meaning of'sense-perception', it is unlikely to get a precise answer, becauseExpand
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Hume’s Theory of the Passions
There is no question of importance, whose decision is not comprised in the science of man; and there is none which can be decided with any certainty; before we become acquainted with that science.
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The Nature of Metaphysics
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Paradox and Platitude in Wittgenstein's Philosophy
Preface 1. The Pictorial Character of Language 2. Linguistic Regularity 3. The Private Language Argument 4. Logical Necessity 5. Ego
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Russell's Logical Atomism
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