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Pisces Petromyzontidae to Carangidae
This volume is the first of two on the Australian fishes. It covers 2027 species in 794 genera belonging to 198 families and includes both freshwater and marine species.
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Descriptions of two new genera and species of ptereleotrine fishes from Australia and Japan (Teleostei: Gobioidei) with discussion of possible relationships
Two new gobioid genera are described. Navigobius nov. gen. is described from three specimens of a species from Kagoshima, Japan known from depths of 45–85 m. The genus is similar to Ptereleotris andExpand
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Description of a New Species of Cryptocentrus (Teleostei: Gobiidae) from Northern Australia, with Comments on the Genus
A new species of Cryptocentrus is described from northern Australia. The species is distinctive in having an orbital tentacle, sensory papillae on ridged flaps on the head, transverse rows ofExpand
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Annotated checklist of the fishes of Lord Howe Island
Australian Museum science is fre ly accessible online at www.aust ra l ianmuseum.net .au/publ icat ions / 6 College Street, Sydney NSW 2010, Austral ia at re c lt re isc r Allen, Gerald R., DouglassExpand
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Paraxenisthmus springeri, New Genus and Species of Gobioid Fish from the West Pacific, and Its Phylogenetic Position within the Xenisthmidae
Paraxenisthmus springeri is described from two specimens from the Solomon Islands. It is unique among xenisthmids in having: vomer with two separate patches of teeth; palatine with elongate patch ofExpand
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A new species of Amblyeleotris is described based on seven specimens from the tropical western Pacific Ocean. The species lives in association with an alphaeid shrimp, as do many, if not all speciesExpand
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