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Syringic acid triggers reactive oxygen species–mediated cytotoxicity in HepG2 cells
Syringic acid has a cytotoxic effect on human HepG2 cell line, and this might be a promising agent in anticancer research. Expand
Oxidative stress is bane in chronic liver diseases: Clinical and experimental perspective.
  • D. Ezhilarasan
  • Medicine
  • Arab journal of gastroenterology : the official…
  • 1 June 2018
This review summarizes the relationships between oxidative stress and different liver pathogenesis induced by drugs and xenobiotics, focusing upon different chronic liver injury induced by alcohol, antitubercular drugs and hyperactivity of antiretroviral drugs in HIV patients, viral hepatitis infection induced oxidative stress. Expand
Hepatic fibrosis: It is time to go with hepatic stellate cell-specific therapeutic targets.
Clearance of activated HSCs from the injured liver by autophagy inhibitors, proapoptotic agents and senescence inducers with the high affinity toward the activates may be the novel therapeutic strategy for the treatment of hepatic fibrosis. Expand
Syzygium cumini extract induced reactive oxygen species‐mediated apoptosis in human oral squamous carcinoma cells
Syzygium cumini extract inhibits the proliferation ofOSCC cells and induces apoptosis through ROS accumulation and therefore, it could be used for the prevention of OSCC. Expand
Silibinin mitigates zidovudine-induced hepatocellular degenerative changes, oxidative stress and hyperlipidaemia in rats
Simultaneous treatment of silibinin (SBN) significantly protected the liver against hepatotoxicity, oxidative stress and hyperlipidaemia induced by AZT, and this alleviating property is attributed to hepatoprotective, membrane-stabilizing, antioxidant and free radical scavenging properties of SBN. Expand
Acacia catechu ethanolic bark extract induces apoptosis in human oral squamous carcinoma cells
The results suggest that ACB extract can be used as a modulating agent in oral squamous cell carcinoma and confirms the apoptosis induction in SCC-25 cells. Expand
Evolvulus alsinoides methanolic extract triggers apoptosis in HepG2 cells
This study demonstrated the proapoptotic potential E. alsinoides in HepG2 cells; thus, this plant may be beneficial in the treatment of liver cancer. Expand
In vivo Experimental Models for hepatotoxin Induced Fibrosis – A Toxicological View
Over past three decades knowledge gained from these hepatotoxin induced fibrosis models has advanced the understanding of the pathophysiology, molecular mechanisms and wide spectrum of signaling pathways associated with hepatic fibrosis. Expand