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Why Does the Self-Employment Rate Vary Across Countries and Over Time?
There is a tremendous diversity in the level and time-series pattern of the self-employment rate across countries. After documenting this fact with cross-section and time-series data onExpand
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Global energy deposition during the January 1997 magnetic cloud event
The passage of an interplanetary magnetic cloud at Earth on January 10–11, 1997, induced significant geomagnetic disturbances, with a maximum AE in excess of 2000 nT and a minimum Dst of about −85Expand
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Joule heating in the mesosphere and thermosphere during the July 13, 1982, solar proton event
The solar proton event of July 13, 1982, produced considerable ionization in the polar cap mesosphere. Energetic solar proton fluxes were measured by the NOAA-6 satellite. The Dynamics Explorer 2Expand
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The validity of twin studies
The classical twin study is the most popular method for assessing the relative contribution of genes and environment to traits in human populations. Critics argue that several assumptions of the twinExpand
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Auroral vector electric field and particle comparisons, 2, Electrodynamics of an arc
The auroral electron data obtained during the flight of Polar 3 over an auroral arc (Maynard et al., 1977) were utilized as an input to a computation of the Hall and Pedersen conductivities of theExpand
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External galaxies and quasi-stellar objects
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On auroral electrons.
Rocket studies of energy spectra of primary auroral electrons, giving model for auroral display
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Data structure and man-machine communication for network problems
A program which provides man-machine communication for the analysis of electronic circuits on a time-sharing computer is presented. Expand
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