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Modulation of aqueous humor outflow facility by the Rho kinase-specific inhibitor Y-27632.
PURPOSE The goal of this study was to investigate the role of Rho kinase in the modulation of aqueous humor outflow facility. Rho kinase, a critical downstream effector of Rho GTPase is recognized toExpand
Glutathione in calf trabecular meshwork and its relation to aqueous humor outflow facility.
The results indicate that GSH may not participate directly in regulating aqueous humor outflow but is able to protect TM against H202-induced oxidative damage that would otherwise lead to a decrease in outflow facility. Expand
MicroRNA‐24 regulates the processing of latent TGFβ1 during cyclic mechanical stress in human trabecular meshwork cells through direct targeting of FURIN
It is suggested that miRNAs might contribute to the regulation of responses to CMS in TM cells through direct targeting of FURIN, which is known to play a major role in the processing of TGFβ1. Expand
High failure rate associated with 180 degrees selective laser trabeculoplasty.
Selective laser trabeculoplasty had an overall low success rate in the tertiary clinic population, with overall failure rates of 68% to 74% in those who underwent 180 degrees selective lasertrabecULoplasty. Expand
Inflow stenosis in arteriovenous fistulas and grafts: a multicenter, prospective study.
It is demonstrated that access inflow stenosis occurs in one third of the cases referred to interventional facilities with clinical evidence of venous stenosis or thrombosis, much higher than has been traditionally reported. Expand
Acto-myosin drug effects and aqueous outflow function.
It is indicated that myosin, perhaps through its various phosphorylation reactions, may have a potential regulatory role in outflow function. Expand
Role of miR-29b on the regulation of the extracellular matrix in human trabecular meshwork cells under chronic oxidative stress
The balance between the activation of ECM production induced by oxidative stress and the protective effects of miR-29b could be a relevant factor in understanding how oxidative damage may lead to increased deposition ofECM in the TM and contribute to the elevation of intra-ocular pressure in glaucoma. Expand
A case-control study of risk factors in open angle glaucoma.
It was found that black race and untreated systolic hypertension were the most important risk factors for primary open angle glaucoma and a variety of personal characteristics and potential toxic exposures in patients in a general eye service. Expand
Cytoskeletal involvement in the regulation of aqueous humor outflow.
Flood resistance is maximal in the outermost region, but the exact location and nature of the major resistance barrier, and the exact flow pathways through the TM and the inner wall of Schlemm’s canal, are not clear either in the normal or the glaucomatous eye. Expand
Modulation of myocilin/TIGR expression in human trabecular meshwork.
Dynamic mechanical stimuli maintain myocilin/TIGR expression in TM in situ and lack of these stimuli in monolayer cell cultures might be involved in downregulation of myocILin/ tigR expression. Expand