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Language in the Inner City: Studies in the Black English Vernacular.@@@Sociolinguistic Patterns.
Figures Tables Introduction PART I- THE STRUCTURE OF THE BLACK ENGLISH VERNACULAR 1- Some Sources of Reading Problems for Speakers of the Black English Vernacular 2- Is the Black English Vernacular aExpand
From First Grade Forward: Early Foundations of High School Dropout.
In tracking the educational progress of a sample of Baltimore school-children from entrance into first grade in fall 1982 through early spring 1996, the authors examined the children's personalExpand
Lasting Consequences of the Summer Learning Gap
Prior research has demonstrated that summer learning rooted in family and community influences widens the achievement gap across social lines, while schooling offsets those family and communityExpand
Schools, Achievement, and Inequality: A Seasonal Perspective
Are there socioeconomic differences in the seasonality of children’s learning over the school year and summer months? The achievement gap across social lines increases during the primary grades, asExpand
Early Schooling: The Handicap of Being Poor and Male
In trying to understand the origin of gender differences favoring girls in reading skills, analysts have examined mainly the performance of students who are in the same grade, with samples pooledExpand
Children in Motion: School Transfers and Elementary School Performance
Abstract Moves from one school to another are a common, yet generally neglected, challenge to children's orderly school adjustment over the beginning-school transition. School transfers were traced...
Summer Setback: Race, Poverty, School Composition, and Mathematics Achievement in the First Two Years of School.
In a longitudinal study of a random sample of Baltimore youngsters starting first grade, the mathematics achievement level of African-Americans and whites was almost identical. Two years later,Expand
First-grade classroom behavior: its short- and long-term consequences for school performance.
Scales developed from homeroom teachers' ratings of children in the spring of their first, second, and fourth years of school are used to predict spring marks in reading and math and spring scores on verbal and quantitative subtests from the CAT battery. Expand