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Gambling and Other Risk Behaviors on University Campuses
To examine the prevalence of problem gambling and its relationship to other risk-taking behaviors, the authors surveyed 1.350 undergraduates at the 4 campuses of Connecticut State University (CSU)Expand
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A high-DC-voltage GaAs photoemission gun: Transverse emittance and momentum spread measurements
We have built a high-DC-voltage photoemission gun and a diagnostic beamline permitting us to measure rms transverse emittance (/spl epsi//spl tilde//sub x/) and rms momentum spread (/spl delta/) ofExpand
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Experimental results from a DC photocathode electron gun for an IR FEL
A 350 keV DC photocathode gun capable of delivering the high-brightness CW electron beam necessary for Jefferson Lab`s infrared free-electron laser is described. The gun is to be used with aExpand
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A Spin Manipulator for Electron Accelerators
Abstract We have designed and constructed a novel optical system capable of manipulating the orientation of the polarization direction, P, of a 100 keV beam of polarized electrons relative to theExpand
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College Students' Definitions of Social and Problem Drinking
College students (N = 276) completed surveys describing two common drinking situations. One scenario described a student alone in an apartment after a weekday class; the other, the same student at aExpand
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Design of a high charge CW photocathode injector test stand at CEBAF
A 10 MeV high-charge CW electron injector test stand has been designed for the CEBAF UV FEL driver accelerator. It consists of a 500 kV DC photocathode gun, a 1500 MHz room-temperature buncher, aExpand
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The politics of prevention: changing definitions of substance use/abuse.
Over the past decade there has been a significant shift in the language used by the Reagan and Bush administrations in the fight against youthful drug abuse. We believe this shift reflects a changeExpand
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An emittance measurement system for a wide range of bunch charges
As a part of the emittance measurements planned for the FEL injector at the Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility (Jefferson Lab.), we have developed an emittance measurement system thatExpand
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Integration of the Freshman Seminar into Introductory Psychology Classes.
This paper describes and evaluates a program designed to help first-year students make the transition from high school to college, first through a description by a teacher using this program in aExpand
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TITLE: Occupational and Environment Aspects of the Radiation Control Provisions at the Jefferson Lab
Appendix 1 added to document. STANDARD DISTRIBUTION Jefferson Lab Technical Notes are informal memos intended for rapid, internal communication of work in progress. Of necessity, these notes areExpand